Reney’s Honey Butter (Our Experience)

We’ve got a bit more to go for our A-Z in 2023 Eating Project!

posing with the reney's honey butter store owner

This one was fun.

Our friend Meredith owns the Reney’s Honey Butter business, but we had never eaten here.

Fun Fact: it’s named Reney’s because the owner’s niece calls her Reney. Her middle name is Irene but her niece couldn’t quite pronounce it.
I like calling her Reney for fun as well! 🤣

It’s located at The Cottage – 9211 A, Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

And when we heard about their biscuits and breakfast, we put it on the calendar.

It was great!

The cream flowing down in our coffees was yummy too.

Folks stop by and pickup orders, but the place is really neat and was fun to sit and eat.

And even more — coolers, t-shirts — so fun!

Yes, I have a slight addiction to the toffee butter.

Do I have one in my fridge as I type?


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