Recycling in Mobile Alabama – How to Help

One of our prime goals as citizens of the world should be to preserve it for future generations. We’ve already done a significant amount of damage, so we should do our best to reverse these effects. A massive way to contribute to this cause is to recycle, and it begins at home. Recycling means not throwing away materials and repurposing them.

However, let’s face it, recycling isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s a lifestyle change, and sometimes it’s hard to think of new uses for old stuff. Garbage tends to accumulate, and there is only so much you can do with plastic bottles, loose glass, and junk mail. So what do you do with these objects? You take them to a recycling center.

The good news is there are many recycling drop-off sites all over Mobile. It is part of our initiative to make our city a cleaner and greener place. We take recycling in Mobile Alabama seriously because we want to get rid of the problem, not be a part of it. Find out in this article how your efforts to recycle can help the earth and where you can find a recycling center near you.

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Recycling in Mobile Alabama

The Benefits of Recycling

1. It saves energy.

Raw materials have to be extracted, refined, and then transported to manufacturing plants. This process, of course, uses a lot of energy and costs a lot of money. When using industry-made materials right from the get-go, it’s much more efficient, even factoring in associated costs like transportation and sanitation. Recycling keeps our current energy crisis from worsening.

2. It protects the earth’s natural habitats.

Everything we use comes from nature – from fabric to metals. Naturally, when we make products by cutting down trees and mining, it depletes our resources. Recycling helps us avoid these destructive practices, thus protecting the homes of our animal friends.

3. It reduces landfills.

Trash has to go somewhere, and usually, it’s to landfill sites. Landfill sites take up valuable space, produce greenhouse gases, and are eyesores in the community. To give you an idea, last 2018, over 146 million tons of solid waste were landfilled in the US. By recycling, some materials don’t end up getting piled on ever-growing dumps.

4. It helps cut down household costs.

A budgeter knows that a dollar here and there amounts to something. Instead of buying new products, you can save money by supporting zero-packaging places where you bring your own containers. You can also make repairs and renovations using upcycled materials. Everyone can get in on the action. Even kids can use about-to-be discarded materials for crafts and art projects.

5. It creates job opportunities.

Recycling centers have to be managed and operated by workers. When you do your part and support these places, you help keep people employed. This contribution is crucial, especially nowadays that unemployment is at an all-time high.

Where to recycle in Mobile AL

Recycling Center

310 Pinehill Dr, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 208-5311

Recycling Center

4851 Museum Dr, Mobile AL 36608

Phone: (251) 208-5311

Mobile County Recycling Center

7540 Hitt Rd, Mobile AL 36695

Phone: (251) 459-8426

ASM Recycling, Inc.

2751 McKinney St, Mobile AL 36607

Phone: (251) 470-0765

Alabama Scrap Metal LLC

701 Joachim St N, Mobile AL 36603

Phone: (251) 694-0204

EMR Southern Recycling

114 Industrial Canal Rd E, Mobile AL 36603

Phone: (251) 432-8550

A Cleaner Mobile AL

We can all do our part in helping save our planet. Recycling in Mobile Alabama is one of the ways you can do that. Take your used plastic, glass, paper, metals, woods, and textiles to one of the proper recycling centers above. Not only will it declutter your home, but you will also breathe a little better knowing that you are a positive force in the community of Mobile.

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