Real (Race) Talk

Welcome to our Podcast Series:  Real (Race) Talk

After witnessing numerous disturbing events happening around our country on the race front, I decided it was time to do something.  

I didn’t know what yet, but I didn’t want to just have these conversations in my home after watching the news or over a coffee with a friend.

I wanted to see how could we have public conversations and share ideas and thoughts on race issues.

We have this platform and I intend to use it for open conversation.

So welcome to a series of Real Talk.
This is going to be in a different format than our other shows because it’s an open dialogue on race issues, on both a global scale but also right here in Mobile Alabama.
The goal of this series isn’t to (necessarily) change your mind.

Our goal is to have you listen to different perspectives with open hearts and minds.

To understand each other better.

And to learn to see from the perspective of others.

Enjoy the Show…

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