12 Best Real Estate Attorneys – Mobile, AL

Are you on the hunt for a real estate attorney in Mobile, Alabama?

Don’t worry; you can easily find a lawyer to meet your needs, especially regarding real estate. 

The best law firms can handle everything from buying and selling properties, drafting and reviewing leases, or preparing permits. 

If you’re pressed for time and need legal assistance, Mobile, AL’s top real estate attorneys are here to handle the complexities.

Suited Up, Ready For Work.

Law Office of Neil C. Johnston Jr., LLC

If you plan on living it up in Alabama’s Gulf Coast to enjoy the coastal lifestyle, the Law Office of Neil C. Johnston Jr., LLC is here to help you for your future. 

His Mobile, Alabama-based team is ready to help you with all legal matters, like estate planning and probate administration. 

Neil guides you in the ins and outs of everything legal so that you can have the best solutions. 

Estate planning is one of the most critical aspects of any family discussion, especially if you want to take care of your future. 

When the worst comes, the last thing you want to deal with is a bunch of legal hoops. 

This firm helps you draft a will, create a living trust, and make sure your plan reflects your wishes. 

Visit: 205 N Conception St, Mobile, AL 36603

Call: 251-709-8251

Pierce Ledyard PC

Pierce Ledyard PC is a law firm that can have your back, representing you in all business and real estate transactions to handle your wills and probate. 

They offer other legal specialties like real estate litigation, creditor’s rights, and bankruptcy

You can expect top-notch service by being cost-efficient and responsive, whatever your concern is. 

With their aggressive approach and impressive track record, you are sure that you are in good hands, especially for your real estate needs.

Visit: 3801 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: 251-338-1300

Law Offices of A. Evans Crowe

Law Offices of A. Evans Crowe has more than 25 years of combined experience in legal assistance to help and advise you with your needs. 

They offer a free initial consultation, so whenever you have inquiries, the firm can get into it right away. 

One of their specialties is estate planning, which you probably want to avoid discussing and thinking about. 

But to ensure that your property and healthcare are your top priority, this law firm can take care of your wishes. 

You can have peace of mind with their impressive solutions like wills, trusts, and advanced medical directives.

Visit: 209 N. Joachim St., Mobile AL 36603

Call: 251-431-6011

Ryan Legal Services, Inc.

Ryan Legal Services, Inc. is different from your typical boring law firm because these legal superheroes can save the day when you are in legal distress. 

Attorney Kevin Ryan has over 24 years of bankruptcy law experience and is a licensed real estate agent. 

With his experience in real estate, Kevin Ryan can assist you with buying, selling, and resolving disputes.

Don’t worry about the legal jargon because Ryan Legal Services ensures you understand every step of the way.

Some of their services include land use development, litigation, disputes, leasing, renting, loans, and more. 

Visit: 209 N. Joachim St., Mobile, AL 36603

Call: 251-241-5234

Johnstone Adams LLC

Johnstone Adams LLC has a proven and tested service of over 125 years, so you know that you get quality legal solutions. 

They have provided representation to individuals and businesses in Mobile since 1897. That was even before the invention of the telephone!

Johnstone Adams, LLC provides legal needs from different fields to solve your problems.

They can assist you if you need help with business, corporate, healthcare, trust, estate planning, and real estate litigation. 

They help with lien priority, zoning, land use, conveyance, and title disputes. 

They are not just a law firm but a powerhouse of legal services, so whatever problem you have, they can help you solve it.

Visit: One St. Louis Centre, 1 Saint Louis St, Suite 4000, Mobile, AL 36602-3930

Call: 251-319-4659

Galloway, Wettermark, Everest & Rutens, LLP

Galloway, Wettermark, Everest & Rutens, LLP are your superheroes in civil defense litigation. 

One of their partners, Rutens, is a top civil defense litigator for 2021 in America, which is a huge deal. 

But aside from litigation, they also have other legal solutions for wills and trusts so that you can better understand the estate planning process. 

They can help you transfer assets, minimize estate taxes, protect your furry friends, and more.

As every client is unique, their firm takes pride in providing personalized solutions so you get the help you need. 

Legal issues can be stressful, so Galloway, Wettermark, Everest & Rutens, LLP can make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Visit: 3263 Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile, AL 36606

Call: 251-476-4493

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The Ladd Firm

Estate planning may not be the most exciting thing, but The Ladd Firm makes it easier to understand its significance.

Whether you want to know what a will or trust is, this law firm can help you figure it out. 

For over 25 years, The Ladd Firm has provided real estate planning services for all families. 

They offer free estate planning consultations over the phone so you can know your available options. 

Their website also has resources to help you learn about estate planning. 

Visit: 51 Tacon Street, Suite E, Mobile, AL 36607

Call: 251-431-6014

The Seawell Firm, LLC

The Seawell Firm, LLC is not your typical suit-and-tie lawyer, as their principal member has that Southern charm you’ll love. 

Henry Seawell is a jack-of-all-trades lawyer who can handle your probate and estate planning.

He has licenses in all state and federal courts in Alabama so that you can trust your problems with his team. 

So, when you need legal representation for professional and personal needs, you can call The Seawell Firm. 

Visit: 105 N Conception Street, Suite 110, Mobile, Alabama 36602

Call: 251-434-5012

Cromwell & Associates

Cromwell & Associates takes estate planning seriously so you can receive the protection you need against legal disputes. 

Whether you are retiring or starting your life, seek help to create an estate plan to safeguard your future. 

As estate planning can vary from family to family, their options range from basic to comprehensive, depending on your wishes.

Their services include planning options for special needs, immigrants, veterans, and first responders

Visit: 1032 Hillcrest Road, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: 251-605-9075

Holberg & Holberg PC

Holberg & Holberg PC has over eight decades of combined experience to guide you with probate and estate. 

When you lose your loved ones, dealing with probates can be challenging. 

Luckily, Holberg & Holberg PC is here to help you with the probate of an estate so you can protect your best interests. 

Attorney Michael Ralph Holberg is not only a probate law expert but was also a chairman for probate in Mobile County. 

He helped resolve more than 2,000 probate clients, so his experience and knowledge can get you through difficult times.

Visit: 118 North Royal Street Suite 804 Mobile AL 36602

Call: 251-272-3782

Parker Law Office- John R Parker

Parker Law Office is a jack of all trades regarding legal services for families, businesses, and more. 

He has experience with general civil practice so that you can expect high-quality services and personalized solutions. 

Park has got you covered if you are a landlord facing lawsuits or a real estate owner who needs to solve title disputes.

He also specializes in drafting and reviewing leases so you can be confident with your agreements. 

Aside from that, he also handles estate planning and probate, deed preparation, and more. 

Regardless of your legal needs, Parker Law Office is a great company to represent you in court. 

Visit: 182 Saint Francis Street, Suite 101, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-621-2216

Clute Law Firm

Clute Law Firm is a father-and-son team that brings extensive firm experience with their personal touch. 

As lawyers who lived and worked in Mobile, Alabama, they know the local landscape for their entire legal careers. 

They handle different legal matters for individual and business clients so that you can face any disputes. 

Clute Law Firm can assist you if you need help buying or selling commercial real estate. 

They offer free initial meetings to create a bond with clients so you can meet a mutual goal for the process. 

You can quickly contact their line through calls and emails and make appointments outside business hours.

Visit: 118 N Royal St #600, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-345-6188

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If you’re looking for real estate attorneys in Mobile, Alabama, this list is your guide to finding the one for your needs. 

A law firm must understand your situation entirely, so choosing one that can connect with you is extremely helpful. 

So make sure to settle for less and let a qualified team of lawyers in Mobile assist you with your real estate legal needs. 

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