Raspberry Rally Rides the Digital Wave and Then… Disappears?

Teammate Tish

Cookie fans are all stirred up since the Girl Scouts decided to drop the Raspberry Rally — that berry-flavored twist on the classic Thin Mints. 

Debuting just last year, these raspberry delights caused quite the digital riot. 

It was the Scout’s first-ever online exclusive treat. 

cookie commontion

This strategy was to help the girls get better at online selling to get with the times. 

And, boy, did they break the internet! 

Suddenly, everyone wanted a box (or ten). 

Some folks even sold them on eBay for up to $30 a pop! 

It sure makes you think of dark alleyways, where secretive dealers whisper, “Psst, want some Raspberry Rally?” 

It’s the Birkin of cookies, if you will. 

But despite its sparkling debut, the Girl Scouts are “taking a pause” to prioritize their classics. 

And amidst all this frenzy? 

A sneaky price hike!

From a humble $4 before, some cookie classics will set you back $6 these days. 

That’s inflation for you! 

The Scouts are chalking it up to production and transportation costs. 

But let’s focus on the bright side, shall we? 

Other Girl Scout faces like Samoas, Do-si-dos, Tagalongs, Trefoils, and — oh yes, those beloved Thin Mints are coming back this year. 

For now, we’ll just have to reminisce about those Raspberry Rallies. 

Who knows, maybe it’ll make a comeback someday! 

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