Quickly Asian Fusion Cafe (Our Experience)

A-Z in 2023 Eating Project is in full swing!

Ok, we’re pumped to share this one with you because we had to search a bit.

This one took us out of our comfort zone, and we didn’t know what to expect – part of the adventure here!

The restaurant was clean and bright.

The employee (whom we would later learn to be the owner) was super helpful in helping us with some decisions.

This was my first experience with boba tea.

I don’t know how to describe them other than floating-flavored balls.

They’re awesome!

What’s cool is that I was able to order a milk-based tea and get coffee flavor.

I added boba to it.

It was the most unique coffee I’ve ever had.

I liked it, as you can tell…

We plan to swing by the Fusion Cafe for future coffee dates!

The food was delicious as well!

I had a pork plate, and Mandee’s was a shrimp omelet-style dish filled with rice and such.

Both were awesome.

And then we found out TC was the owner, so we had to snag a photo!

We will 100% be back for a future visit.

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