Push Cinema to Infuse New Energy Downtown

Mobile Rundown Staff

Mobile’s former Crescent Theater is about to undergo a vibrant transformation under the name “Push Cinema.” 

This beloved theater, which closed its doors for good back in April, is gearing up to welcome visitors soon. 

Ziare Perryman, a local filmmaker, is the visionary behind this project. 

He’s aiming to inject a breath of fresh air into the city’s entertainment scene.

new push cinema

Perryman’s dedication to film and passion for cultivating local talent is at the heart of this exciting venture. 

He wants to provide a platform for folks to explore the magic of film while opening doors to undiscovered opportunities. 

Yup, Push Cinema is going to be more than just a place to catch the latest flicks.

Perryman has big plans to create an all-encompassing experience, from movie night to comedy shows. 

We’re talking cult classic features, open mic nights, and maybe even karaoke extravaganzas! 

He wants to turn the place into a hub of entertainment — a place where people can gather for a good laugh or take a trip down memory lane with timeless movies. 

While the physical revamp of the theater is on the horizon, Perryman’s main focus is on its cultural impact. 

If he succeeds, Push Cinema is going to be a beacon of creative expression and a source of inspiration. 

It’s going to be a way for artists to explore their passions in the film industry without leaving the comfort of Mobile. 

With an indefinite opening date set for September 1st, or at the latest October, anticipation is building for the grand unveiling of Push Cinema!

The closing of Crescent Theater upset a lot of locals, but it looks like it left a wealth of possibilities in its stead. 
We’re hoping that Perryman keeps pushing to establish this new Cinema as a cultural landmark that could redefine entertainment in Mobile.

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