Pre-Filed Bill Aims to Boost Hurricane Insurance Protection

Mobile Rundown Staff

A proposed insurance bill in Alabama could become a game-changer for residents, offering protection during hurricane season. 

Chip Brown, a local State Representative from south Mobile County, recently introduced House Bill 8

The point of this bill is to ensure that Alabama insurance companies provide a 90-day notice before making changes to existing property coverage. 

coverage buffer

This should give people more time to secure alternative insurance options. 

Sure, the bill doesn’t prevent these companies from making necessary changes. 

However, it does act as a safety net. 

Let’s face it — hurricane season can be unpredictable and costly. 

We need all the help we can get. 

Brown’s inspiration for the bill came from watching insurance premiums rise after Hurricane Lee struck Florida. 

He believes this proactive measure will help Alabama residents recover more effectively during emergencies. 

Who wouldn’t want this? 

Hurricanes are known to wreak havoc on our homes and communities. 

So, this bill would be a valuable step toward better protection. 

By providing a buffer against sudden policy changes, the bill aims to alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with hurricane-related damage. 

This bill won’t take immediate effect since the regular session doesn’t start until February 2024.

Still, it holds the promise of safeguarding Alabamans by August 2024, if passed. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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