Plastic, Be Gone! Downtown Businesses Fight Plastic Pollution

Mobile Rundown Staff

Mobile businesses are joining forces to fight plastic pollution and create a plastic-free future. 

Through the “Peace Out Plastic” campaign, initiated by the Downtown Mobile Alliance, over 20 downtown establishments are taking steps to reduce single-use plastics. 

They’re saying NO to bags, straws, and to-go boxes

They proudly display the campaign logo on menus, doors, windows, and even LoDa to-go cups, signaling their commitment to a greener Mobile. 

mobile businesses are saying no to plastic

This campaign was sparked by the detrimental impact of plastic waste on Mobile’s waterways

The ultimate goal is a plastic-free environment, acknowledging the necessity of teamwork to achieve this vision. 

So, Downtown businesses aim to encourage us residents to reduce our plastic usage and promote responsible waste management. 

All of them are switching to eco-friendly alternatives like plant-based to-go containers and paper straws, offering plastic items only upon request

The participating businesses include breweries, law firms, and restaurants. 

This campaign sets a precedent for sustainable practices and encourages others to follow suit. 

And by taking a stand against plastic pollution, we’re inching closer to preserving Mobile’s natural beauty. 

After all, the city’s waterways serve as a draw for many tourists, making their conservation crucial for long-term sustainability and economic prosperity.

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