29+ Places To Eat – The Best Spots to Try in Mobile, AL

Mobile is quickly developing its reputation as a food city.

It makes sense because just about anywhere you go, there’s always a spot that serves delectable meals.

Our location is also ideal because we can get the freshest seafood right from the bay. 

But since there’s no shortage of great places to eat in Mobile AL, it can also be problematic to choose the right restaurant.

Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve narrowed down your choices to our top local favorites.

Read on and let your gastronomic journey begin.

When you’re about Mobile, be sure to snag a food and drink guide from a Visitor Center.

Top Restaurants In Downtown Mobile 


Where To Eat In Mobile AL

219 has been voted the best lunch spot in Mobile for eight years straight.

Drop by and sample their hearty sandwiches, soups, and salads. They even claim to serve the best Gumbo in Mobile.

We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Call: (251) 438-5234
Visit: 219 Conti St #2711, Mobile AL 36602

Squid Ink Eclectic Eats & Drinks 

Squid Ink offers standard Southern dishes, but they might surprise your palate with more eclectic choices like their pressed spicy tuna sushi and poke power bowl.

They’ve also gotten creative with their drink selection. 

Call: (251) 405-0031
Visit: 102 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36602

Corner 251 

Attached to the new Admiral Hotel, Corner 251 is the perfect spot to refresh yourself after a day of exploration.

They serve familiar favorites like chicken & waffles and crab cake croquettes.

You can then finish it off with their Moon Pies made from scratch. 

Call: (251) 432-8000
Visit: 251 Government St, Mobile AL 36602

Dumbwaiter Restaurant A quirky and quaint restaurant

The dumbwaiter is a primo choice as a date night spot for its comforting food and intimate atmosphere.

They have solid choices for dishes that are meant to be shared. The service is phenomenal too. 

Call: (251) 445-3802
Visit: 167 Dauphin Street , Mobile AL 36602


If you’re looking for a cool little place that features unconventional flavors, NoJa should be your next stop.

A fusion of Asian and Mediterranean, their food is best enjoyed out on their patio under twinkle lights. 

Call: (251) 433-0377
Visit: 6 N Jackson ST, Mobile, AL 36602 

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BBQ Spots – Best Restaurants In Mobile Alabama

Cotton State BBQ 

Cotton State BBQ

The exposed brick, the humble sides, the barbecue smell beckoning from blocks away, Cotton State has it all.

CS is a great lunch spot where you could grab a brisket sandwich, a Moon Pie banana pudding, and swap stories with friends and family. 

Call: (251) 545-4682
Visit: 101 N Conception St, Mobile AL 36602

Dick Russell’s Bar-B-Q

Barbecue screams home food that is meant to be shared.

At Dick Russell’s, you can graze on generous portions of fall-off-the-bone meat and oven-fresh biscuits.

We always leave here on the brink of a food coma. 

Call: (251) 661-6090
Visit: 5360 US-90, Mobile AL 36619

Dreamland Bar-B-Q

Dreamland arguably serves the best ribs in Alabama.

Some folks even drive from out of state to sink their teeth into a Dreamland slab.

Alongside the usual sides like fried okra and baked beans, they also serve a mean Brunswick Stew. 

Call: (251) 479-9898
Visit: 3314 Old Shell Rd, Mobile AL 36607

Meat Boss

If you want a quick in-and-out dining experience, Meat Boss is worth checking out.

Aptly named, they are an authority on all things grilled and smoked.

They also have a rad breakfast wrap if you plan on dining solo. 

Call: (251) 591-4842
Visit: 5401 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile AL 36609

Moe’s Original Bar B Que 

Moe’s Original BBQ

A Mobilian staple, Moe’s serves everything that could satiate a hungry meat lover.

From melt-in-your-mouth bbq ribs to sausages, it’s no wonder why this joint is a favorite among locals.

They also serve stuff like wings, smoked turkey, and fried catfish if you’re not a fan of red meat. 

Call: 1-877-405-7472
Visit: 701 Spring Hill Ave, Mobile AL 36602

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Southern Taste – Popular Restaurants In Mobile

The Noble South 

The Noble South

The Noble South is a lovely dining spot that serves southern favorites, elevated for the more discerning palate.

It’s an authentic farm-to-table kitchen using locally sourced ingredients, run by Chefs Chris Rainosek and Josh Lear.

In downtown Mobile, dine amidst a modern atmosphere without sacrificing Southern comfort. 

Call: (251) 690-6824
Visit: 203 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36602 

Five Mobile

Five got its name from the strong five main dishes that they feature.

They serve great tasting food and drink menu that packs a punch.

They also have $5 Burger Wednesdays, when you can have your fill of one of the best Mobilian burgers for cheap. 

Call: (251) 308-3105
Visit: 609 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36602


Mama’s is a charming bistro that highlights the South’s best-loved meals.

Its great food includes fried chicken, smothered pork chops, and collard greens.

If good old home cooking is what you crave, Mama’s never ceases to deliver. 

Call: (251) 432-6262
Visit: 220 Dauphin St #2718, Mobile AL 

The Ruby Slipper Cafe 

People flock to The Ruby Slipper for their spectacular breakfast items.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not have it for lunch too?

They serve all kinds of eggs benedict and omelets, and their pancakes are something to write home about. 

Call: (251) 355-0448
Visit: 100 N Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602

SOCU [Closed]

SOCU takes advantage of the fact that Mobile is right next to the Gulf of Mexico.

Aside from the usual favorites like chicken & waffles and braised oxtails, they have an impressive selection of shrimp and oyster dishes.

Patrons usually rave about their fried lobster deviled eggs too. 

Call: (251) 287-6766
Visit: 455 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36602

Osman’s Restaurant – Fine Dining Restaurant

Chef Osmans at Osman’s restaurant serves authentic Bosnian and German dishes as the dinner specials while his wife bakes European delicacies that are guaranteed to leave you speechless.

Throughout the years, the dining room has transformed from a small diner to a cozy and elegant dining area with a full bar and extensive wine selection.

Osman and Mirjana strive to provide their customers with high-quality food and superior service, making Osman’s Restaurant one of the highest-rated fine dining restaurants in Mobile.

This restaurant serves dinner only Tuesdays to SAturday 5pm to 9 pm. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Call: 251-479-0006
2579 Halls Mill Rd, Mobile, AL 36606

Southern National (Permanently Closed In 2022)

Brought to you by award winning Chef Duane Nutter and restauranteur Reggie Washington, Southern National is your local downtown Mobile clubhouse.

It proudly serves locally sourced seafood from the waters of the Gulf, and craft cocktails and has a globally inspired culinary menu that pays homage to authentic southern cuisine.

Call: 251-308-2387
360 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

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Watering Holes – Best Restaurants In Mobile Alabama

Alchemy Tavern

Alchemy Tavern

By its name, you get the vibe that Alchemy dabbles in experimentation and that they do.

They have a nice selection of craft beers with fun names like Warlock and Krampus.

Their bartenders are quick to serve with warm smiles on their faces. 

Call: (251) 441-7741
Visit: 7 S Joachim St, Mobile AL 36602

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

Callaghan’s is a little bit more than your standard Irish pub.

They were voted the South’s best bar in 2017 by Southern Living Magazine.

When you walk into Callaghan’s, you’re greeted by friendly servers. It’s a very lively venue for live music too. 

Call: 251-433-9374
Visit: 916 Charleston St, Mobile AL 36604 

The Haberdasher 

The Haberdasher is a lovely little cocktail bar that highlights local brews.

They use unusual ingredients in their concoctions, so this place is perfect for the more adventurous.

The interior is warm and inviting, making it the perfect wind-down spot with loved ones. 

Call: (251) 436-0989
Visit: 113 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36602 

Iron Hand Brewing 

Iron Hand Brewing’s specialty is beer and beer mates.

It’s a relatively hidden brewery, so it’s ideal if you don’t want to be in the thick of things.

Renovated from an old building, IHB hits the spot when it comes to absolutely delicious offerings and atmosphere. 

Call: (251) 725-6912
Visit: 206 State St, Mobile AL 3603

Ice Box Bar 

Close to the historic Crystal Ice Factory, Ice Box is a cool bar that serves large frozen cocktails.

Their selection is not the most extensive, but definitely, one of the most thought out.

For example, it’s nearly impossible to have just one “Salty Chihwahwah,” which has altos tequila, ruby red grapefruit, and a salted rim. 

Call: (251) 300-8394
Visit: 755 Monroe St, Mobile Al 36602

Best Restaurants Serving Fresh Seafood

Half Shell Oyster House 

Half Shell Oyster House

Half Shell Oyster House has plenty of scrumptious seafood dishes to choose from, including their famous seafood stuffed portabellas and seafood pot pie.

They also have a gluten-free menu to accommodate eaters with that dietary restriction. 

Call: (251) 338-9350
Visit: 3654 Airport Blvd, Mobile AL 36608

Kravers Seafood Restaurant 

If you’re looking to get only fresh seafood guaranteed, Kravers is the place to be.

They have all your favorite seafood, from shrimps to scallops; all prepared however you like.

Their slogan is “A Taste from the Bayou,” and that’s exactly what you’re going to get, the best gulf coast cuisine! 

Call: 251-378-5175
Visit: 2368 Leroy Stevens Rd, Mobile AL 36608

Bonefish Grill 

Sometimes you want to get a little fancy with your seafood.

Well, Bonefish does seafood right.

They have things like Thermidor Gnocchi and Cod Imperial.

They also carry the freshest wood-grilled and lightly seasoned fish that will perk up the taste buds of non-fish lovers. 

Call: (251) 633-7196
Visit: 6955 Airport Blvd, Mobile AL 36608


If you want wholesome portions of freshly caught seafood either steamed or fried, you have to go to Mudbugs.

They sell seafood by the pound, lunch and dinner plates, po boys, and wings. This is good unpretentious food at its best. 

Call: (251) 478-9897
Visit: 2005 Government St, Mobile AL 36606

The Boiling Pot 

We’re sure you’ll agree that seafood is best enjoyed Cajun-style.

At The Boiling Pot, you could get their iconic shrimp jambalaya and oyster poboy.

Unlike some places, TBP has always been consistent with the quality of their food and they never disappoint even after all these years of being open. 

Call: (251) 345-0749
Visit: 3604 Airport Blvd, Mobile Al 36608

Wintzell’s Oyster House


Wintzell’s Oyster House, a top Mobile AL seafood restaurant, has been around since 1938 and began out as a small oyster bar among the Mobile skyline.

They’re known for their “Oysters – fried, stewed, or nude” and for their fresh Gulf seafood.

Besides their oysters and crab, which were awarded the simplest in Willard Scott’s All-American Cookbook, they even have the best Gumbo, as chosen by the readers of Mobile Bay Magazine and, therefore, the Taste of Mobile.

A visit to Mobile, Alabama, isn’t complete without a seafood meal at Wintzell’s.

Begin with their Fried Crab Claws Basket, then the Fresh Catch of the Day, or the Oyster Sampler.

Finish your meal with their Homemade Bread Pudding or Reese’s peanut butter Pie.

You’ll get your oysters either:

Ray: on the half shell

Chargrilled:  on an open flame

Rockefeller:  baked just right for the spinach lover

Bienville:  smothered with shrimp, crab meat, and parmesan cheese

Monterey:  topped with jalapenos, smoked bacon, and melted cheddar

Carnival:  crabmeat, spinach, and hollandaise sauce

Along with the most seafood entrees available, grab a homemade soup, or for those of you looking to eat light, choose a salad.

Of course, every fine seafood restaurant has an impressive selection of New Orleans Style Po-Boy sandwiches and Southern-inspired desserts.

Visit: 605 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: (251) 432-4605

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Brunch Places – Best Restaurants In Mobile Alabama

The Cheese Cottage 

Teh cheese cottage

Cheese lovers rejoice! The Cheese Cottage is the best place to congregate with fellow foodies.

Aside from their insane selection of cheese from Belle Chevre, they also serve assorted sandwiches and wines.

They hold brunch on Sundays and Raclette Night on Thursdays. 

Call: (251) 308-8488
Visit: 650 St Louis St, Mobile AL 36602

Spot Of Tea

Fancy a cuppa?

Spot Of Tea is the perfect brunch spot because its menu is a combination of American cafe and British High Tea fares.

Their loaded potato soup has been voted Mobile’s most popular soup for five years straight. 

Call: (251) 433-9009
Visit: 310 Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36602 

Maple Street Biscuit Company 

Maple Street, a locally owned restaurant, is every biscuit lover’s go-to.

Their most popular offering is The Squawking Goat, which has been featured on The Food Network.

It’s made of a flaky biscuit, all-natural fried chicken breast, a fried goat cheese medallion, and house-made pepper jelly. Yum! 

Call: (251) 525-9095
Visit: 5054 Old Shell Rd, Mobile AL 36608

Brick & Spoon 

brick and spoon breakfast in mobile al

According to Travel + Leisure, Brick & Spoon offers one of the top 10 breakfasts in the US.

We think the same goes for their brunch menu, which includes fried shrimp & grits and chicken florentine.

They also serve build-your-own Bloody Mary meals. Fun.  

Call: (251) 378-8378
Visit: 3662 Airport Blvd #A, Mobile AL 36608

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Summing It Up

We hope you try some of these top places to eat in Mobile, AL to taste the excellent food that city has to offer.

We also have another article with additional unique restaurants in Mobile.

No matter what time of day it is or whatever it is you are craving, there’s a spot in Alabama that is sure to prepare it for you.

We celebrate our influences in Mobile, and it shines right through the food that you can find here.

Oh, and have you been on a food tour from Bienville Bites?

If not, you should look into them. They’re great.”

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