Pest Control Mobile AL – Best Services To Choose From

Many homeowners can handle simple pest situations by doing preventive measures and maintenance checkups.

However, some pests are too challenging to get rid of; so, you may need to seek the help of a pest control company. 

Pest control mobile al

How to Tell if a House Has Pests?

Your residential space will need a thorough check to ensure you are free from pests.

Check the inside and outside of your home. 

You may hear unusual noises or smell something around your house.

Some pests may be hiding in your window, garage, bins, piles, and more corners. 

They can also nest within holes, so look for any gaps on your walls, ceilings, or floors. 

So it is essential to act fast and treat them before they can cause apparent damage to your home. 

How to Employ the Best Pest Control Company?

Naturally, you’ll look for online reviews before deciding on the best pest control service company for you.

But to make sure that they are the perfect one for your residential homes, try to see how their customer service is.

A business that sincerely responds to criticisms and positive reviews is a sign of good customer service. 

Furthermore, since you are encountering a severe pest problem, hiring a company with an impressive background is only fitting.

Preferably, choose a company with a license that uses safe chemicals and technicians that know what they are doing. 

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20 Best Pest Control Companies In Mobile AL

Gulf Coast Pest Control

Phone: (251) 344 2847

Gulf Coast Pest Control offers free estimates for residential, industrial, and commercial properties. 

Gulf Coast Pest Control exterminators have special skills to treat your pest problems, and they have excellent customer ratings. 

Terminix Mobile Al Branch

Phone: (251) 225 4943

Terminix is one of the most famous pest control companies in America.

Millions of satisfied customers can vouch for their impressive services.

You can avail of their Insulation Service, Moisture Control Solutions, Rodent and Wildlife Service, and more.

E3 Termite and Pest Control

Phone: (251) 850 7378

E3 Termite and Pest Control specialize in Termite Bonds to handle the pest problem in your homes.

The business has been serving the industry for more than 25 years, so you’re sure they have an excellent reputation among customers. 

They also offer spray foam insulation if requested by customers, which is another innovative way to control termite infestation.

Bama Pest Control Inc.

Phone: (251) 478-7015

You have options for pest control as they go above and beyond to set themselves apart from the competition. 

Bama Pest Control has HUBZone and DBE certification; thus, you are sure to get the best possible service.

Havard Pest Control 

Phone: (251) 661 2847

Havard Pest Control offers the best pest control in Mobile Al, with over 200,000 residences.  

Their team provides treatments for cockroaches, squirrels, and more.

They always have the best solutions for any pest problem.

Cook’s Pest Control Inc

Phone: (251) 665 7378

Cook’s Pest Control Inc. has highly skilled technicians that can help defend your house and family with their Maximum Perimeter Protection System. 

This new service uses the latest pest control innovations to minimize service visits to your property. 

If you avail of their service, you’ll get interior and exterior custom treatments.

Then quarterly, they’ll focus on the exterior. 

They’ll return for free if you have a pest problem during quarterly treatments.

Arrow Exterminators

Phone: (251) 666 4402

Only 3% of pest control companies in the United States have the QualityPro Certification by the National Pest Management Association. 

Arrow Exterminators proudly holds a certification from the said body, so customers may rely on their history, durability, and consistency.

Bug Hunters Inc.

Phone: (251) 973 0403

Big Hunters trap and eliminate pest animals like birds, raccoons, bats, and squirrels.

You’ll get a free quote.    

Moreover, Big Hunters use Integrated Pest Management, a program where the specialist and client work together to reduce pests and minimize pesticide use.

BugMeisters of Household Termite & Pest Control

Phone: 850-983 9908

The BugMeisters offers household pest control plans to protect your family against stinging insects, fleas, rodents, termites, ticks, and bugs. 

Their home service has been serving clients in Mobile Al for years, and they guarantee the total removal of pests.

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Critter Control Gulf Course LLC

Critter Control Gulf Course LLC

Critter Control Gulf Crse LLC excels in preventing future wildlife problems.

They start with identifying which animal invaded your home before removing them.

Critter Control professionals will block all animal entry sites and won’t leave until your house is pest-free.

Southeastern Exterminating

Phone: (251) 325 6395

Southeastern Exterminating has been serving Mobile Al and Baldwin Counties for 22 years. 

The company offers unique solutions for unwanted critters so you can guarantee a pest-free home with the most minimal effort. 

Their “Customer First” approach to pest control is an effective way of giving high-quality service while creating healthy relations with clients.


Phone: (251) 666 7506

Orkin started in 1901 and specialized in insect, rodent, and termite control for more than 120 years. 

Environmental knowledge helps the company execute its jobs better, with minor damage. 

They also worked with the American Red Cross to promote blood donations and educate people about the mosquito population and their health risks.

Redd Pest Solutions of Mobile Al

Phone: (251) 660 1550

For over 70 years, Redd Man has protected various families’ health and properties.

Many clients trust Redd Man’s services, which give pest-free homes and peace of mind. 

One of the pest control industry pioneers recommends Redd Man, so they take pride as a reputable professional team. 

Knox Pest Control

Phone: (251) 478 9829 

Knox Pest Control serves Georgia, Alabama, North Florida, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

They are one of the biggest pest control companies in the state.

Knox provides excellent, polite, competent pest, animal, termite control, and lawn care services. 

They offer same-day and next-day services and guarantee your satisfaction.

Terminator Pest Control

Phone: (251) 660 9000

Terminator Pest Control excels in all forms of pest control and will help you maintain a pest-free home. 

Their Mobile Al pest control services are cheap but still guarantee the best.

They utilize only the materials that proved beneficial for homeowners and businesses over the years.

Terminator Pest Control emphasizes green and eco-friendly pest control as much as possible. 

Lewis Pest Control

Phone: (251) 380 2905

In 1963, Lewis Pest Control started its services in Alabama from a simple family.

They value safety and a healthy environment at home, work, and in the Mobile Al community. 

Their combined technique finds moisture, drainage, and pest entry spots.

So they can precisely eliminate pests.

They can perform better pest treatments by creating non-pesticide traps, sanitizing, and preventing entry.

EnSec Pest & Lawn, Mobile

Phone: (251) 210 7263

EnSec is a 1997 family-owned pest control and lawn maintenance enterprise.

The company has been in Florida’s Panhandle and Alabama’s Gulf Coast pest control for many years, satisfying many of its customers.

EnSec aims to provide excellent customer service, knowledgeable employees, competitive costs, and guaranteed outcomes.

Aegis Pest Control

Aegis Pest Control - Pest control mobile al

Phone: (251) 422 3553

Aegis Pest Control has provided pest control services for commercial and residential properties for over a decade. 

Pest control is their specialty, providing a wide range of solutions in and out of your house. 

Mosquito Man

Phone: (251) 463 7374

Mosquito Man started with the need to protect their families, neighbors, and pets from the viruses and nuisances that mosquitoes bring.

They want to give the same care and protection to the families in Mobile Al by delivering fast, competent, and friendly local pest treatment.

Mobile Pest Control Pros

Phone: (251) 206 0800

Mobile Pest Control Pros has had a good reputation as a local pest control company for over 20 years. 

Mobile Pest Control Pros prevents bed bugs, mice, ants, mosquitoes, and bees from infiltrating your properties.

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Services have a wide range of prices depending on the period, pest control needs, and equipment used. 

Professionals must do an assessment, make a diagnosis, and address the problem all at once, so their visit will cost more money than usual.

Initial service visits typically cost around $150 and $300 if a specialist thinks repeated treatments are necessary to manage your pest problems.

You can schedule your pest control service every month, twice a month, or quarter. 

Maintaining a pest-free household would cost around $50 more per period.

You may anticipate paying around $200 for each treatment for a quarterly plan.

Annual pest control treatments for mild infections or yearly inspections generally cost between $300 and $500.

Finally, the equipment and workforce required to complete full-house fumigation make it one of the most expensive pest control methods. 

Typical prices for fumigation may cost an average of $5000, or $2.5 per square foot.

Wrapping Up: Pest Control Mobile Al

A pest problem is a nightmare; you would not want it to happen to your house. 

So as much as possible, get rid of them immediately.

Unwanted pests like ants, rodents, termites, fleas, cockroaches, and bed bugs may create havoc in your house.

If DIY treatments do not work anymore, it is best to call for a team of professional technicians.

Frequent pest control treatments by a professional might save you money in the long term. 

These businesses protect your house from the unwanted wildlife living rent-free in your home.

But as much as possible, your priority is prevention to help you avoid damage in your house and exposure to harmful wildlife.

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