5 Best Paintball Places Near Mobile, Alabama

Hey there, paintball enthusiasts and cool parents!

Here’s a modest lineup of the best paintball services near Mobile!

Paintball is like a real-life video game with the bonus of laughter, bonding, and exercise.  

It’s high time that we pick this up again now that summer is in full swing, and there’s no reason not to be outdoors, so gear up! 

Paintball Near Mobile

Children Geared Up For Paintball Game.

Southern Alabama Paintball

Located in Theodore, ‘Southern Alabama Paintball’ is the Gulf Coast’s premier destination

With 18 sprawling acres, it reigns as Mobile County’s most prominent “scenario” and woodsball field. 

Every visit brings fresh excitement, thanks to new field layouts and objectives every time. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, the facility guarantees a safe, friendly, and fun Paintball game. 

Their mission? 

To ignite a lasting passion for this thrilling sport in every guest.

Emphasizing sportsmanship and realistic play, Southern Alabama Paintball offers a level playing field for all. 

Where: 4901 Montee Rd, Theodore, AL 36582

Call: (251) 301-6004

Magnolia Farms Paintball 

Paintball is an exciting addition to the ever-growing Magnolia Farms & Corn Maze. 

Phil and Kelly Azar have transformed their property into a hub of endless play for over a decade. 

Inspired by a famous corn maze near their hunting camp in Mississippi, they decided to bring the thrill to Alabama. 

Ideal for groups of active kids, Magnolia Farms Paintball caters to Call of Duty enthusiasts!

There are also corn mazes, hayrides, a petting zoo, and more. 

Where: 15275 County Road 49, Summerdale, AL 36580

Call: (251) 605-7216

South MS GellyBall 

If you’re looking for a gentler alternative to paintball for your kids, why not try Gellyball? 

It’s a fun, active sport perfect for kids five and older. 

Gellyball blasters use ultra-low pressure to shoot soft and squishy balls.

They’ll bounce off your little ones or disintegrate, leaving no stains, mess, or unpleasant stings. 

This Gellyball rental place in Mississippi services Mobile. 

It’ll turn your kids’ events into a blast with the fun of Paintball and the safety of laser tag. 

Where: Ridgeland, MS 39174

Call: Message them on Facebook here

Paintball in Mobile 

Bob’s Paintball [Permanently Closed] 

Bob’s Paintball is the ultimate destination for paintball enthusiasts.

With over 15 years of experience, Bob’s offers a safe yet exhilarating paintball experience. 

Group specials are available, and their friendly staff is always ready to assist. 

Before gameplay, visitors can download waivers and review rules. 

Safety is of utmost importance at Bob’s, and they ensure all players understand the regulations and put on the proper equipment. 

Referee James provides guidance and pointers to maximize the fun on the woodsball field. 

Where: 3428 Dawed Rd, Mobile, AL 36695 

Call: (251) 639-8245

Xtreme Paintball [Permanently Closed] 

Xtreme Paintball cranks the excitement up to the max.

This place is a haven for adrenaline junkies starting at age 10. 

They’re all about safe and epic paintball games that will make your heart race. 

Xtreme Paintball has been around since 1995, and the current owner took charge in 200 and brought a fresh new vibe to the place. 

You’ll have a blast on their battlefield, where experienced referees guide you through the chaos. 

Where: 900 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile, AL 36695 

Call: (251) 639-0399

Very Ready For Paintball Tournament.

Paintball FAQs 

How old is Paintball? 

Paintball, as a recreational activity, originated in the early 80s. 

It was initially developed for forestry workers to mark trees and livestock. 

However, it quickly gained popularity as a thrilling outdoor sport. 

The first paintball markers were invented by Bob Guernsey, Hayes Noel, Charles Gaines, and others, and the first official game was played in 1981. 

Is Paintball safe for kids? 


Paintball can be safe for kids when proper precautions and guidelines are followed. 

Many paintball facilities have specific age restrictions and safety measures so everyone can have fun without getting harmed. 

Modified versions of Paintball are often available for younger kids, like low-impact shooters. 

They’re usually smaller and lighter, with lower velocity markers and softer paintballs to minimize impact. 

What should I wear to Paintball? 

It’s best to consult your paintball service provider about this. 

But generally, you’ll want to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants made of durable, breathable fabric.

Layering can provide extra protection. 

Choose sturdy footwear like hiking boots or athletic shoes to support your feet. 

Protect your eyes and face with an adequately fitted paintball mask or goggles. 

And don’t forget gloves to shield your hands! 

Final Thoughts 

Paintball is an entertaining game to enjoy with friends. 

With fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and the thrill of competition, Paintball delivers an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and camaraderie. 

So, gear up and let the Paintball battles begin!

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