Osaka Japanese Steakhouse – Hibachi & Sushi (Our Experience)

We chose Osaka Japanese Steakhouse for our ‘O’ in our A-Z Eating Project!

This one is funny, as we weren’t sure what ‘O’ restaurants were out there.

Our son recommended this one and knew about it!

The funnier part is that it’s basically a mile from where we currently live.

That’s the great thing about a project like this – it pushes you to get out and try some new things!

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Nice little vibe when you walk in.

There’s a bar up front if you want some Sake 😃

We noticed a few hibachi grills – You can make reservations for one if hibachi grill cooking is what you’re after!

The soups were great.

Sushi was great.

Prices that made sense.

A guy that told us he was the dishwasher (might have been the owner for all we know!) gave us a challenge.

If we could balance a fork and spoon on 2 toothpicks, he said our dinner was on him.

We nailed it!

Nah, just kidding.

Our cook friend did it for us.

But it was fun trying!

He wasn’t done with the party tricks yet… he’d be back…

The food was great.

Mad chopstick efforts were made before picking up forks.

Always have to get a mid-bite shot.

It was our time to go, but we weren’t getting our boxes without being shown how to make a face out of the numbers 1 – 9.

This was a cool experience because we were fed great food and had a good time with the staff.

All without them knowing that they’d later be getting free exposure via this article.

Go check them out 😃

Address: 3827 Airport Blvd Rd, Mobile, AL 36609

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