Finding the Best Orthodontist Mobile Al

Many people, from kids to adults, seek orthodontic treatments to achieve a well aligned set of teeth. 

This post will help you find the best orthodontist in Mobile Al to help you get that beautiful smile.

Orthodontist mobile al

Our List of Orthodontists in Mobile

Best Orthodontist in Mobile AL

Island Orthodontics

Island Orthodontics offers free consultation and determines whether you need their Invisalign Clear Aligners or braces.

They have affordable treatment options and flexible financing options to help you achieve a new smile without hurting the bank.

Visit: 4720 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: 251-344-7604

Bennett Orthodontics

Bennett Orthodontics is a trusted clinic that offers affordable and comfortable treatments for its patients. 

Beautiful smiles are investments; they offer flexible payment options and the latest technology equipment. 

Visit: 3210 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36607

Call: 251-471-8008

Donaghey Orthodontics

Donaghey Orthodontics has 30 years of experience in the field while upgrading its technology from time to time.

They use radiography and photography to help identify what’s best for you and which treatment is best. 

Visit: 4626 Bit & Spur Rd., Mobile, AL 36608

Call: 251-342-3188

Pickett Orthodontics

Pickett Orthodontics uses modern technology to provide patients with the best dental care, such as digital x-rays, applications, and scanners.

They treat people’s smiles differently.

That’s why they are precise with the orthodontic treatment offered to patients.

Visit: 6611 Wall St, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: 251-607-0110

Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics

Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics combines the best orthodontic technology with their excellent customer service to give the best care to their patients. 

Depending on your budget and orthodontic needs, they offer Invisalign, clear braces, and other orthodontic treatments after the complimentary consultation. 

Visit: 58 Mobile St N, Mobile, AL 36607

Call: 251-479-9597

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Orthodontist Mobile AL – FAQs

What Is A Difference between Dentist and Orthodontist

Some people may interchange with dentists and orthodontists because of the similarities between these two professions. 

One of the similarities they have is that their goal is to give people a new smile. 

However, what sets the two professions apart is their specialization and services. 

Dentists mainly focus on oral health like gum diseases, cavities, or damaged teeth. 

Meanwhile, orthodontists receive further training and education to focus on teeth and jaw alignment. 

With dentists and orthodontists working together, they can help bring out the best in your dental and oral health. 

How to Choose the Best Orthodontist

Choosing the best orthodontist is a straightforward task but needs a few considerations. 

Because they are dealing with your oral and dental health, it is best to find the most suited orthodontist for your needs. 

Verify Their Credentials

The first thing to look for is their credentials to know their specialization and their career background. 

It is best to trust an expert to handle any treatment you need, especially for a child, because they have the experience to do so. 

Check Their Orthodontic Treatment Offers

Orthodontic clinics may offer different treatments.

Depending on what you need or prefer, check if they provide it.

Furthermore, some clinics offer the latest technologies, so it is best to check if they are confident.

Some may offer lingual braces, traditional metal braces, virtually invisible aligners, restorative dentistry, or cosmetic.

Bottom line, look for the treatment you need and if the clinic specializes in them.

Choose A Nearby Orthodontist

Orthodontic clinics with convenient locations near you should be your priority.

Some orthodontic treatments are regular and may need several visits, so it is best if they have convenient locations.

Pick the Best Payment Plan

If you are someone who visits doctors regularly, you’ll know that most treatments can be expensive. 

You may need to check the payment plans they offer to plan your budget for your visits. 

Patients love clinics that offer discounts, promos, flexible payment terms, rewards program, and more.

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Final Thoughts

Your beautiful smile is one of your best assets.

That’s why there are doctors that help you to keep your smile perfect. 

Aside from that, orthodontists can help your life a little better, especially if you suffer from misalignment. 

Finding the right orthodontist for your needs is also the best, so start your first visit today.

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