3 Great Orange Beach Helicopter Tours

Calling all adventurers!

Prepare for a thrilling airborne experience above the pristine shores of Orange Beach

The helicopter tours below will whisk you away on an unparalleled experience on the Gulf Coast! 

orange beach helicopter tours

Lost Bay Helicopters 

Lost Bay Helicopters is an esteemed helicopter enterprise rooted in the scenic Gulf Shores vicinity. 

They’re renowned for their unparalleled dedication to providing extraordinary moments. 

We discuss educational tours, enchanting sunset journeys, and exhilarating skydiving escapades! 

If you have a more adventurous spirit, why not seize the chance to embark on a personalized flight lesson? 

With a team of skilled aviators committed to safety, Lost Bay ensures every visitor’s unforgettable and personalized experience. 

These are the guys to call for your surprise engagement or next memorable outing. 

Here are the tours they currently offer: 

  • Sunset Tour 
  • Sea & Wildlife Tour 
  • Battle of Mobile Bay Tour 
  • Beach Tour 
  • Gulf Coast Experience 
  • Intro Beach Tour 
  • Island View Tour 
  • State Park Tour 

Here are the areas they currently cover: 

Where: 3190 Airport Dr, Gulf Shores, AL 26542

Call: (772( 834-4497

Gulf Coast Magni Gyro 

Gulf Coast Magni Gyro is a thrilling aerial adventure service that caters to the Gulf Coast. 

This one is more “helicopter-adjacent.” 

With them, you can experience the unique thrill of piloting a gyroplane with the guidance of an FAA-certified flight instructor. 

Their Italian-made gyroplanes offer exceptional stability, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable flight even in windy conditions. 

You can choose from 20, 40, or 60-minute flights and immerse yourself in the beauty of the white-sand beaches below. 

You might even be able to marvel at the incredible sights of rays, dolphins, and other coastal wildlife from the sky! 

Where: 3190 Airport Dr, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (850)-1820 

Aeropro LLC 

Aeropro’s scenic beach flights offer a fresh perspective on the wonders of the Gulf Coast. 

You can rest easy knowing their experienced FAA-certified pilots ensure your safety throughout the journey. 

Your job is to kick back and marvel at the panoramic views of the coastline and spot iconic landmarks like the Little Lagoon, Gulf State Pier, and Perdido Pass. 

You can choose from the Economical Route (30 minutes), Premium Route (45 minutes), or Executive Flight (60 minutes) to suit your budget. 

Please remember that each flight can accommodate a maximum of three passengers with a combined weight of 400 lbs. 

Every flight takes off from Jack Edwards National Airport. 

Where: 1235 Commerce Dr, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (833) 237-6776

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Orange Beach Helicopter Tours FAQs 

Are helicopter tours worth the money? 


Helicopter tours are worth the investment for a memory you’ll keep forever. 

They offer a breathtaking perspective from above, allowing you to capture stunning aerial photos for the Gram! 

These flights can also take you to inaccessible or hard-to-reach spots, showcasing hidden gems and natural wonders that can’t be seen from the ground. 

What is the best time to take a helicopter ride? 

The best time to take a flight depends on your desired experience. 

Daytime flights offer excellent visibility for unobstructed sightseeing and capturing stunning photos. 

If you’re interested in capturing the golden hues of a sunrise or the romantic colors of a sunset, early morning or evening flights are ideal. 

Some tours even offer night flights, providing a unique perspective of the illuminated shoreline and twinkling stars above. 

How bumpy are helicopter rides? 

Factors like weather conditions, wind speed, and the type of helicopter can influence the smoothness of the ride. 

But generally, helicopters are designed to handle turbulence and provide a relatively smooth experience. 


An orange beach helicopter tour is your ticket to an incredible airborne escapade. 

Whether you’re seeking a romantic sunset flight or a riveting historical site exploration, these tours have you covered! 

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience in Orange Beach that will leave you in awe.

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