Off To RV City, Toll Concerns, & Alcohol Bans

Sachin Ghatwal

Starting last Friday, Mardi Gras party-goers began arriving Downtown in their RVs. They’re going to be setting up camp in RV City along South Wafer St. for the next month. 

The city reports that all of the highly sought-after spots have been reserved. There’s a waiting list for this spot! 

rv city mobile alabama

Everyone is excited about the parades and the parties. And with the celebrations being so close to the park, it’s easy to get in the fun. 

These out-of-towners come to RV City every year and consider Mardi Gras a highlight. They attend the parades, socialize, barbecue, and basically hang out for the entire month. 

They expect the second wave of RVs to arrive on Saturday.

New I-10 To Address Toll Avoidance Through Africatown 

new I 10 to address toll avoidance through africatown

Officials in Mobile were concerned that drivers would take a detour via Africatown if they instituted a $6 one-way toll for drivers crossing the planned bridge and renovated Interstate 10 Bayway. 

This was four years ago.

Right now, residents are still worried that the additional traffic will ruin the area’s tourism prospects. 

There’s also the problem of more and more semi-trucks carrying hazardous supplies to the surrounding industrial plants. 

Still, state officials are optimistic that the new bridge and bay way project, with its $2.50 one-way toll, will limit the impacts of alternative routes.

I’m sure you know that Africatown is a huge deal. It’s a community formed by survivors of Clotilda after the Civil War. 

Here’s hoping that the revised plans for this project push through. It’s expected to be completed by 2018. 

Gulf Shores Prioritizing Safety Due To Beach Erosion 

gulf shores prioritizing safety due to beach erosion

Gulf Shores residents were worried about beach erosion even before this week’s storms hit. At a recent meeting, the city council talked a lot about the current situation.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the beaches have a few issues. After Salley, the winter storms essentially wiped off the beachfront. 

The beaches are looking a little sad, and city officials are making a plan. As the warmer months approach, they want to ensure the safety of the beach-goers. 

Restoration of local beaches is estimated to cost around $10 million!

Alcohol Ban in Gulf Shores Continues 

alcohol ban in gulf shores continues

Only a month from now, spring breakers will be flocking to Gulf Shores. 

And the city would like to remind its guests that alcoholic beverages are not permitted there. 

The eighth year of this ordinance’s enforcement marks a significant milestone for the city.

The ban’s positive effects on residents and families traveling to the area are widely praised.

Bigger parties of young adults on the beach have been replaced with a more family-friendly crowd Arrests for alcohol-related crimes have also decreased.

Gulf Shores’ roads are usually quiet during late January. The air still has a wintry vibe, and the beaches are deserted. As spring break draws near, however, that will all change. 

The schedule for 2023 is now finalized. This ban will start on March 4 and last until April 24.

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