New Restaurant Alert! Brunch Spot…🥞 (Old Fuego Location)

Mobile Rundown Staff

I know, I hear you.
You miss Fuego.
We do, too.


Beauty comes from ashes.

We just got word that the spot has been leased!

By The Toasted Yolk.

I mean, just look at these Chicken & Waffles!

toasted yolk homepage

It looks like The Toasted Yolk has figured out some menu items that work.

Fried Banana Peppers?

We’re pumped to try them.

Holy Smokes, are we becoming a brunch town?

We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

And based on William Peebles’s Facebook post (congrats on leasing the space, William!) we learned that this location was originally a Greer’s.

Wow, we learn something new every – single – day.

Also, it looks like we’re going to need to update our brunch spot article (to our breakfast joints as well)

Will they be open in time for us to test The Toasted Yolk out on our A-Z eating project?

Only time will tell, but it will probably take some time…

They don’t list Mobile’s location on their website (yet), but this is fresh news.

We’ll keep ya posted! (sign up below for that…)

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