Must Do Tours in Mobile, Alabama

Looking for the real Mobile? 

I know it’s easy to get swamped with choices. 

So, I’m cutting through the clutter to guide you to the tours that truly capture our city’s vibe. 

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill tours. 

They’re the kind that shows you the Mobile I know and love. 

From the historic streets to the scenic bay, these tours offer a unique look at our city’s rich heritage.

Your adventure in our charming city starts here!

Tours in Mobile, AL 

Bienville Bites Food Tour

bienville bites food tour

Discover Mobile’s flavors with Bienville Bites Food Tour, a journey tailored for the food-loving traveler

On the LoDa Stroll, you’ll savor Gulf Coast dishes at seven different spots, each offering a unique taste of the region. 

The Old Mobile Evening tour takes you through Mobile’s culinary history with stops at five diverse eateries.

This includes a cozy speakeasy and other local favorites.

And for those excited about Mardi Gras, the Floats and Food Tour is on its way. 

Join them for a memorable experience combining Mobile’s best food, history, and culture!

Hungry for more? 

Here are some unique restaurants in Mobile that you have to try

Call: (251) 622-4041

Bay City Tours 

Bay City Tours offers a slice of Mobile for every kind of traveler. 

History enthusiast? 

Hop on the one-hour Historic Mobile tour, revealing the city’s past through its vibrant streets and landmarks. 

More into military history? 

The three-hour USS Alabama Memorial Park tour walks you through a legendary WWII battleship and submarine. 

And for those who love a good mystery, the Ghost Stories tour is a thrilling evening adventure into Mobile’s spooky side. 

Each tour, running daily, promises unique insights into Mobile’s rich tapestry. 

Just contact them and tell them what you’d like to see. 

They’re very flexible!

Call: (251) 479-9970

Secret History Tours

Step into the heart of Mobile’s history with Secret History Tours. 

Perfect for the curious traveler, this tour, led by Todd Duren, offers a unique mix of Mobile’s past and present. 

The “Mobile Legends” tour is a standout, mixing ghost stories, history, and architecture. 

Starting at Oyster City Brewing, it takes you through intriguing sites like the Church Street Graveyard and Barton Academy

It’s an experience that brings together the eerie and the historical, with the added bonus of local craft beer!

If you’re into hidden stories and exploring off the beaten path, this tour is for you!

If not, they have many other options to choose from. 

Call: (251) 752-9868

Mobile’s Original Ghost Tour 

Jump into Mobile’s Original Ghost Tour for an evening filled with thrills and chills. 

This isn’t your average historical tour; it’s a 1.5 to 2-hour ride through Mobile’s shadowy past. 

Starting at dusk, you’ll cruise through historic districts, making stops at eerie antebellum home grounds and a graveyard.

These are some of the most “haunted” places around

This tour is a hit for various events —

Whether it’s a spooky twist to a birthday party or a different kind of ladies’ night out.

Larger groups? 

No problem, they’ve got motorcoaches. 

At $20 per person, it’s a fun, spooky, and educational night out in Mobile. 

Perfect for those who love the charm of the old South.

Tours by L. Craig Roberts

tours by l cragi roberts

This one’s perfect for those who love architecture!

Want to immerse yourself in Mobile’s historic neighborhoods

The “Seven Historic Districts Tour” is a 3-hour journey through architectural marvels, including ancient churches and historic districts. 

Historic Village of Spring Hill Tour” extends this exploration to an area rich in history and grand mansions. 

For a more intimate experience, the “Downtown Mobile Historic Walking Tour” guides you through churches and parks

It starts at the Mobile Carnival Museum

Led by an expert with deep roots in Mobile’s architectural history, these tours offer a profound understanding of the city’s past.

And, let me tell you, there’s a lot to unpack with Mobile’s fascinating history

Call: (251) 391-4411

Mobile Trolley Tours

Mobile Trolley Tours offers a 90-minute ride showcasing Mobile’s vibrant culture and history. 

The tour covers diverse sights like Colonial Fort Condé, Church Street Cemetery, and the USS Alabama

With climate-controlled trolleys and dog-friendly policies, it’s great for families or anyone wanting to experience Mobile’s essence. 

Tours run Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays, starting at two convenient locations, with special pricing for large groups. 

A perfect way to see Mobile’s rich past meet its lively present; this tour is ideal for history buffs…

Minus the walking! 

Call: (251) 633-0560

Airboat Express

airboat express

Airboat Express in Mobile is perfect for adventurers and nature lovers. 

These tours on airboats, unique fan-powered vessels, bring the Alabama waterways to life.

You have several options to choose from. 

There’s the Eco Tour, Fun Run, and Sunset Tour

Sometimes, they also do Night Tours for alligator sightings! 

Captains Geoff and Brittany Woodliff make each tour fun and informative. It’s an exhilarating way to explore nature and experience the thrill of an airboat.

It’s ideal for families, shutterbugs, or anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure in Mobile!

Call: (251) 370-7089

Fishing Charters

Love fishing or keen to try? 

Mobile fishing charters led by experienced anglers sound like a good idea, then! 

They’re like guided tours on water

These experts know the best spots and techniques, making your trip both educational and fun. 

Whether it’s your first time holding a rod or you’re a seasoned pro, these charters offer a range of experiences. 

From tranquil inshore fishing to the excitement of deep-sea challenges, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll get to learn about Mobile’s aquatic life and enjoy a day out on the water. 

Here’s our list of fishing charters that operate out of Mobile and its surrounding areas.

WildNative Tours 

Want to explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta’s unique landscapes? 

Try WildNative Tours! 

They offer several excursions, including a journey through the grass swamps of the lower Delta. 

The swamp tours provide stunning sunset views and active wildlife sightings

For the adventurous, there’s a tour exploring ancient cypress swamps.

WildNative operates with a Leave No Trace policy, focusing on education and preservation. 

These tours are ideal for anyone passionate about the environment and wants to experience nature responsibly. 

With WildNative, you’ll enjoy the Delta’s wonders while contributing to their conservation for future generations!

Call: (251) 272-4088

Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail

The Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail is a rich, educational experience in Mobile. 

It celebrates the legacy of African-American history and culture in the area. 

The trail offers different types of tours. 

There’s a step-on tour for private groups with a docent. 

There’s also a self-guided option with detailed maps. 

There’s even a convenient Downtown walking tour starting at Cathedral Square

Each tour provides a unique perspective on the African-American contributions to Mobile’s history. 

Ideal for history buffs and students, these tours are enlightening and inspiring.

Call: (251) 725-2236

Education Department Tours 

The Education Department offers guided tours at four locations: 

History Museum of Mobile 

The History Museum of Mobile, housed in the historic Old City Hall, showcases over 300 years of Mobile’s diverse history. 

It features thousands of artifacts, from pre-colonial times to the modern Port City, in its 20,000 square feet of exhibit space. 

Phoenix Fire Museum

The Phoenix Fire Museum is located in the restored home of the Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company No. 6.

It showcases horse-drawn steam fire engines, early motorized vehicles, and other firefighting artifacts.

It’ll give you a glimpse into the evolution of firefighting techniques and equipment in Mobile.

Fort Condé

Fort Condé is a partial reconstruction of the original 1723 French fort.

Visitors can explore the fort’s history and understand the French influence on the region. 

Located in downtown Mobile, it offers a unique experience to learn about the city’s early defenses and settlement history.

(Want to go museum hopping on your own? Here are the best museums in the city.) 

– – –

These tours provide an engaging educational experience, covering a range of historical and cultural topics. 

They’re perfect for history enthusiasts, families, or anyone looking to delve deeper into Mobile’s past. 

For detailed tour policies and scheduling, you have to contact the Curator of Education, Jennifer Theeck

Her number is below. 

Call: (251) 301-0270

Perdido Queen Waterfront Tours 

A unique riverboat tour awaits on the Perdido Queen!

Experience Mobile’s waterfront with this live, guided tour, perfect for relaxing and sightseeing. 

The paddlewheeler features two levels: a climate-controlled cabin for cozy views and an open deck for fresh air and photo ops. 

With a bar onboard, it’s great for unwinding with a drink and snacks. 

This tour appeals to families, friends, and coworkers looking for a mix of relaxation and exploration. 

Whether you’re into sightseeing or just chilling out, the Perdido Queen offers a memorable way to experience the beauty of Mobile from the water!

Call: (251) 948-6611


Is Mobile, Alabama, worth visiting? 

Now, I may be a bit biased, but Mobile, AL, truly is a gem.

The city’s charm lies in its vibrant community, delicious seafood, and scenic beauty. 

It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration, all wrapped up in that warm Southern vibe. 

Trust me, Mobile has its own special way of making every visit memorable.

You’re going to want some souvenirs

How do I spend a day in Mobile, Alabama? 

Where to begin?! 

One of the tours above is a good place to start! 

If you want a more DIY approach, here’s our ultimate guide to Mobile if you’re a total newcomer. 

Then, beef up your one-day itinerary with some fun things to do from this list.

Traveling with the kiddos? 

Here are some kid-friendly options.

Oh, and here are the top 10 events in Mobile if you happen to be here on a special day! 

What food is Mobile, Alabama, known for? 

The Bienville Bites Food Tour can answer this better than I can, though I am somewhat of a foodie myself! 

Some must-try dishes include fresh Gulf Oysters and the unique West Indies Salad. 

There’s the much-loved cheeseburger at Callaghan’s, too — my favorite! 

And since we’re a coastal city, we have access to fresh seafood. 

I never pass up a chance to order a shrimp po’boy or shrimp and grits. 

Check out our top picks for the best seafood restaurants in Mobile, and you’ll know why!

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Final Thoughts 

Think of Mobile as your personal playground of discovery. 

It’s a place that invites you to step into its stories, where each tour reveals a new chapter. 

From the gentle waves of the bay to the echoes of history in its streets, Mobile wraps you in its charm. 

It’s easy-going yet full of surprises, just like a good friend showing you around their hometown. 

So come on down, see what’s around the corner, and make some memories!

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