Music Meets Mischief: The Silly Arrests of Hangout Fest 2023

Mobile Rundown Staff

Fashion no-nos and stealing hearts weren’t the only crimes committed at Hangout Fest this year.

There were quite a few arrests made for felonies and misdemeanors. 

Music Meets Mischief

We don’t want to give it away, but here’s a little table counting the arrests for the venue and surrounding area: 

Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance109
Distribution of Controlled Substance2
Possession of Marijuana 2nd15
Escape 3rd 1
Public Intoxication4
Criminal Trespass 2nd8
Attempt to Elude LE Officer 2
Assault 3rd1
Possessing Forged Instrument1
Exposure or Lew Act in Public 1
Criminal Trespass 3rd1
Resisting Arrest 2
Obstructing Gov. Operations1

Not too bad… 

As you can see, we won’t be seeing many folks on the other side because there were fewer arrests than last year — from 133 to 109. 

What gives? 

Well, maybe RHCP couldn’t bring it this year.

I mean, those guys are almost seniors. (We kid, they were great!) 

Maybe we’re just not so stir-crazy anymore now that the pandemic’s over. 

Music Meets Mischief: The Silly Arrests of Hangout Fest 2023

By the way, we’re not encouraging rowdy behavior.

But if we’re not going to let loose at a music festival, where else could we do it? 

Aside from the dark necessities like booze and a little weed, we’re just relieved that there was only one hooligan who thought it was a good idea to show people “the goods.” 

*Ahem* That’s not the sort of self-expression that we were expecting. 

Overall, Hangout Fest was a blast.

The lineup was amazing, and folks are flooding Twitter, spreading the good vibes even after the event. 

And even though some people partied a little too hard, they couldn’t ruin the fun for everyone else! 

What do you say?

See you next year?

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