10 Unique Murals in Downtown Mobile

When strolling through the streets of downtown Mobile, you are sure to find some of the colorful artwork that decorates the building throughout the downtown area. More than 15 murals in downtown mobile highlight different aspects of Mobile and its rich history.

These murals help build a sense of community and inspire other artists. Read this post to learn more about some unique and must-see murals in downtown Mobile.

  1. Ant Mural 

Murals in Downtown Mobile - Ant Mural

One of the newest murals to join the collection in downtown honors naturalist E.O. Wilson.

The Mobile Arts Council commissioned artist Andy Scott of New Hand Signs to design this mural. His largest project took about two weeks to complete.

This mural honors Wilson and his importance to the Mobile Bay area.

The mural covers a three-story building and features a portrait of Wilson and fire ants, which were introduced into the U.S. through the port of Mobile. 

  1. Welcome to Mobile: 714 Dauphin Street (facing Scott Street) 

Welcome to Mobile Mural

Another reasonably new mural downtown has its home on the side of Moe’s BBQ.

This mural says “Welcome to Mobile, Alabama,” which is fitting as it is located right at the front of downtown. This mural was designed by a senior at McGill Toolen, Sarah Beth Bexley, and is her Youth Leadership Mobile’s community service project.

She chose the location and secured all the permits for the project, and members of the community painted the mural on Saturday, October 1st. 

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  1. Mobile Mural – Corner of South Warren and Dauphin 

Mobile Mural: Murals in Downtown Mobile

In 2019, The Mobile Arts Council and Jake Peavy Foundation commissioned this mural, which has its home on the side of POST.

This mural highlights Mobile Bay and depicts an image of the USS Alabama in the bay. 

  1. Delta Bike Project – 561 St. Francis St. (Corner of N. Warren St. and St. Frances St.) 

Delta Bike Project

This mural was designed in 2014 to collaborate among several local artists led by Kathy Friedline.

This mural features many essential features of Mobile, including the USS Alabama, the Mobile skyline, marine life, and cruise terminal.

This mural took less than a month to complete. 

  1. The Souls of Mobile – Corner of Dauphin and Jackson St. 

The Souls of Mobile Mural

This Van-Gough-inspired mural is located on the side of Hailey’s bar and was designed by street artist Ginger Woechan.

She got inspiration from the phrase “love and light” and worked to highlight Mobile’s vibrant culture. This mural serves as an ode to downtown Mobile. 

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  1. Dauphin Street Blues Company

Dauphin Street Blues Company Mural

In 2014, artist Harlan Toole painted this mural on the side of a popular downtown bar, O’daly’s.

The mural is an abstract representation of Dauphin Street and is painted in blue tints. 

  1. Alabama Contemporary Art Center – Corner of Jackson St. and Conti St.

Alabama Contemporary Art Center Mural - Murals in Downtown Mobile

In 2013, visiting artist Kenny Scharf created pop art creations alongside the Contemporary Art Center. You don’t have to go inside the museum with these colorful creatures to enjoy art.

The colorful mural wraps around the whole building. 

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  1. Dauphin Street Sound – Facing El Papi

Murals in Downtown Mobile  -Dauphin Street Sound Mural

This mural was created by Devin Wilson and Adam Underwood in 2016and is a combination of Old and New Mobile.

The mural morphs the two together to highlight the new downtown Mobile while still honoring the area’s history. 

  1. Dauphin Street Police Precinct & Police Museum – Corner of Dauphin Street and N. Claiborne Street

Dauphin Street Police Precinct & Police Museum Mural

In 2018, Randolph Dixon painted “Hidden Figures” on the side of the police station downtown. 

  1. LoDa Bier Garten – 251 Dauphin St

Murals in Downtown Mobile  - LoDa Bier Garten Mural

On the side of the famous LoDa Bier Garten is a beautiful mural designed in 2013 by a visiting artist, Joe Hobbs.

This mural is an artistic representation of sea life and is enjoyed as you walk by or enjoy a nice lunch outside in Mobile.

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