Moss Point: Where Southern Hospitality Meets Natural Serenity

In Moss Point, MS, “Good Life” is not just a saying but also a way of living because you can experience the best fun in the area.

Located in Mississippi, this city has a long history, such as being the first to become a city in MS without being a town. 

Over the years, the city has had its fair share of development, whether it is in population, economy, or structures.

It’s no wonder why people are flocking here to spend a vacation or reside- it’s just a few miles away from Mobile and New Orleans. 

So, if you are ready to blast in Moss Point and visit nearby cities for serious fun, this city has got you.

Moss Point Where Southern Hospitality Meets Natural Serenity

Introduction to Moss Point, MS

Experience a captivating fusion of natural beauty and contemporary amenities within its enchanting, storybook streets.

They have majestic oak trees dripping with soft and fluffy moss, which you can expect based on the city’s name. 

Don’t overlook the variety of blooming flora, from magnolias and pines to azaleas and beyond, adorning the surroundings.

However, it’s not just moss that defines this place; it’s also adorned with stunning old houses and historic churches.

Moss Point is the ideal destination if you seek a delightful retreat that combines nature, history, and charm in a single locale.

Unveiling the History of Moss Point, Mississippi

In 1699, a French explorer named D’Iberville founded Moss Point, but it took a hundred years for something to happen in the city. 

When Jackson County became an official area in 1812, some men from the Battle of New Orleans settled at Moss Point. 

Other early Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina settlers set up sawmills and businesses. 

But during the Civil War, the sawmills stopped operating when Union troops took over the town and business.

But things got a little better by the late 1800s when 23 sawmills were back in business, with three in Moss Point. 

Moss Point became a big deal in the industry as the largest pine lumber export center until 1910. 

In 1901, Moss Point became a city without being a town or village, the first and only community in MS to do so. 

Today, the city boasts its majestic Spanish moss that hangs in the oak trees and a peaceful riverfront.

If you want to check out colorful plants, beautiful homes, and scenic views, visit Moss Point to find natural beauty.

Attractions and Activities near Moss Point, MS

Here are some exciting attractions and activities for you to explore and enjoy during your Moss Point trip:

Pascagoula River Audubon Center

If you want some fun adventure, the Pascagoula River Audubon Center is the place to be!

This educational center allows you to explore nature and bayou habitats through hands-on learning opportunities.

You can have direct exposure and experience to the rich environment, like free-flowing rivers and wildlife.

You can walk on their nature trails or see the bayou pier for some birds visiting the area.

There are also shops, kayak rentals, an art gallery, and more in the area so that you can find more fun activities. 

Visit: 5107 Arthur St, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-475-0825

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours

Looking for a thrilling adventure in the wild like an alligator? Look no further than Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours!

This exciting ranch offers airboat tours to explore the swamp and encounter alligators. 

If you’re daring enough, you can even hand-feed some of them!

You can go immediately as these swamp boat tours are high-speed and run every half hour.

Call the ranch to ensure they are open if you are worried about the weather.

Once on the boat, prepare yourself for a wild ride as you explore the wilderness surrounding Moss Point. 

Visit: 10300 US-90, Moss Point, MS 39562

Call: 228-475-6026

Presley’s Outing

An ultimate outdoor adventure awaits you in Presley’s Outing at their RV camping sites with everything you need.

Located near Goodes Mill Lake, you can fish, launch a boat, play sports, and more while camping. 

They offer a comfortable stay with electrical connections, internet, TV, water, and sewer.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. They also have day passes for non-camping visitors.

If you want to seize the day, you can swim at their beach, rent kayaks or paddle boards, and grill out.

You can also head to their on-site restaurant, The Boat House, for some delicious meals after outdoor fun.

Visit: 10501 Presley’s Outing Rd, Moss Point, MS 39562

Call: 228-219-8816

Magnolia Birding Pier

Magnolia Birding Pier in Pascagoula is a must-visit for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

The pier connects with the Historic Pathway, Pascagoula River Blueway, and the Historic Pascagoula Bike Route for a unique experience.

It overlooks the tidal marsh and bayou, making it a perfect opportunity to spot various water-dependent birds. 

You can also find birds and other marsh species, bayou edges, and rails along the marsh.

So pack your binoculars and head to Magnolia Birding Pier for a fun bird-watching experience that you can only find in MS.

Visit: 2901 Magnolia St, Pascagoula, MS 39567

Call: 228-938-2356

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Restaurants near Moss Point, MS

A Restaurant Sign: LOCAL.

Prepare yourself for a delectable journey through Moss Point’s unique and diverse culinary landscape, where these restaurants promise an exclusive taste experience not to be missed.

Marsh Landing

Looking for great food but also a stunning view? Find both at Marsh Landing Bar & Grill on the Moss Point, MS river.

Located on the waterfront, this restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy food with amazing views. 

You can order their perfectly cooked prawns and pair them with their selection of tasty beers. 

Games like pool or darts are also available so you can play with your loved ones while waiting for your meal. 

If you are worried about the price, don’t worry; it is reasonable while you get a calm atmosphere by the river.

Visit: 5542 Main Street MS-613, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-202-1600

Faye’s Kitchen

Faye’s Kitchen is the place to go if you crave soul food like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and more. 

You can also try their famous Hog Maws, which has a mild flavor but is all-out with the ingredients. 

After your main meals, indulge yourself with some delicious peach cobbler for dessert.

But what makes the experience here the best is their fantastic service, as they excel in southern cooking.

So, try Faye’s Kitchen if you want a memorable dining experience without breaking the bank.

Visit: 6910 Grierson St, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-475-8658

Tay’s BBQ

Tay’s BBQ started in the 1940s and has been serving delicious dishes inspired by family recipes. 

With two families that love great barbecue, you can enjoy the unique flavor combination of Tay’s Barbecue. 

They prepare their BBQ using the old-fashioned way of rubbing a unique dry blend and slow-smoking the meat.

Hickory fire adds flavor and tenderness to the ribs, chicken, and other meats. 

Visit: 6522 MS-63, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-474-7050

Heritage House

The Heritage House started as a boarding house in 1911 but has now served delicious southern cuisine after renovations. 

It was a boarding house and became a buffet-style restaurant when another couple purchased the home.

In 1996, Kath Baker took over the ownership and continued serving southern, buffet-style buffets in the area.

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed the original Heritage House, Kathy’s determination led her to relocate the building. 

Now, you can visit the Heritage House, which still serves delicious meals from appetizers to desserts. 

This restaurant’s legacy makes it stand out from other restaurants, so make sure to give it a try.

Visit: 6501 US-90, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-474-8450

Hacienda San Miguel

Hacienda San Miguel is the perfect restaurant for a fiesta of flavors because it takes you to Mexico. 

It is more than a taco join as the place captures the food and architecture of Mexico so you can get a perfect dining experience. 

The colorful decor, intricate tiles, and outdoor patios are just some of the best features of this restaurant. 

But the show’s main star is their delicious and authentic Mexican dishes such as fajitas, enchiladas, and margaritas. 

Their family-friendly atmosphere is the ideal spot for a night out with kids, while the outdoor patios are for romantic dates. 

So taste the authentic flavors of Mexico in Hacienda San Miguel and join the fiesta.

Visit: 4833 Amoco Dr, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-474-6170

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Places to Stay in Moss Point, MS

A Lamp On The Bedside Table.

Explore an array of cozy and comfortable accommodations, ensuring the ideal lodging experience within these charming inns.

Quality Inn

Welcome to Quality Inn, where you get more than you pay for with its complete amenities and convenient location. 

They are ideal for travelers visiting the Mississippi coastline because it is also a short drive from airports. 

You can start your day with their free Grab and Go breakfast and coffee waiting for you before exploring. 

Inside the complex are fitness centers, business centers, and pools to relax without going outside.

Your room has premium bedding, soft pillows, a flat-screen TV, and free popcorn for movie night. 

Visit: 6800 MS-63, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-475-2477

Days Inn by Wyndham Moss Point Pascagoula

Refresh your spirit and recharge your batteries here at Days Inn before you continue exploring southern Mississippi. 

You can rest in their spacious guest rooms and sink into your comfortable bed while catching up on your favorite shoes. 

Free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, and hot coffee are also available to start your leisure or business activities.

They also have an outdoor pool, the perfect place to unwind after a tiring day or a quick workout in the gym.

So book here and enjoy a comfortable stay with their convenient amenities while exploring MS.

Visit: 6700 MS-63 South, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-285-1784

Motel 6 Moss Point-Pascagoula

Motel 6 offers modern guest rooms designed to make your stay as relaxing as possible when you explore the area. 

They offer complimentary Wi-Fi and a fresh cup of coffee every morning so you can start a warm day ahead. 

You can also use their flat-screen TVs, microwaves, sofas, whirlpool tubs, and mini-fridges.

It is an excellent choice for travelers looking for affordability without compromising comfort.

The inn is only a few miles away from tourist attractions like the Pascagoula River Audubon Center and LaPointe-Krebs House and Museum. 

Visit: 7105 MS-63 North, Moss Point, MS 39563

Call: 228-474-9300

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Community in Moss Point, MS

Holding Hands.

Moss Point boasts a friendly and welcoming community but has impressive economic standing.


Moss Point is a close-knit community with a population of over 10,000 that offers a warm welcome to everyone. 

It is part of Jackson County and the 35th largest city in Mississippi, so you can expect a fun-filled adventure.

It has friendly folks ready to make new friends and cook you some local flavor cuisine at restaurants. 


The average household income in Moss Point, MS, is approximately $62,500, which is promising.

Moss Point is ideal for businesses because of its strategic location, transportation, and skilled workforce. 

The Economic Development Department of Moss Point can help entrepreneurs, corporations, and small businesses to grow.

Concluding the Moss Point, MS Experience

If Moss Point, MS, still needs to be a part of your travel list, then it is time for you to add it. 

Its vibrant culture and friendly locals are just some reasons to visit it soon, but you can also find it in you to settle here.

Discover all Moss Point has beyond the Spanish moss among the oak trees.

You’ll have no regrets!

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