Monster Seaweed Invasion Set to Strike The Gulf Coast

Mobile Rundown Staff

Well, folks, it looks like there might be a smelly situation brewing along the Gulf Coast this year. 

A whopping 13 million tons of Sargassum — that’s some stinky seaweed, for those of you not in the know — was spotted floating in the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt. 

Florida’s west coast could be in for an unpleasant surprise if an updated Saragassum outlook follows current forecasts, according to a joint report from USF and NASA

gulf shores attacked by seaweed

As winds and currents push those 13 million tons of seaweed westward, the overall mass is going to get even bigger. 

And you know what that means, right?

It’s going to gunk up the beach! 

They can’t exactly say when or where these “beaching” events will happen, but they’re coming. Cue the Jaws music. 

Researchers suggest that only the portion between Panama City and Mobile Bay may receive some variable amount of seaweed. 

Some of Florida’s east coast beaches have already seen their fair share of Sargassum, with mats of the stuff washing up in Jupiter. 

So, what’s the plan?

The researchers are going to keep a close eye on things and give us an update by the end of May. 

In the meantime, we suggest putting a pin in your upcoming beach activities — unless you’re really into the smell of rotting seaweed, that is.

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