Mobile’s ‘Giant Hearts, Giant Rewards’ for Fostering Larger Dogs

Mobile Rundown Staff

Do you have a soft spot for big, slobbery kisses and wagging tails? 

Well, the City of Mobile Animal Services has a paws-itively awesome offer for you! 

They’re teaming up with the fantastic folks over at Friends of Mobile Animal Shelter

Together, these pet-loving pioneers are rolling out a program, the “Giant Hearts, Giant Rewards” initiative! 

The goal is to give large and loveable doggos a cozy pit stop on their journey to finding forever homes. 

a dog with tongue out.

You could be the hero these wholesome hounds are barking for! 

If you’ve got the room in your heart and home, Animal Services is willing to offer you $200 to foster a furry friend for a month or more. 

But this isn’t just about cold, hard cash. 

The city’s got your back with training tips and supplies to keep your new furry friend comfy. 

Even vet bills are on them!

And think about the positive ripple effect you’d be creating. 

When you foster a dog, you’re setting an example that echoes across the block. 

Your act of kindness might inspire your friends or even that quiet family down the street to consider adopting or fostering, too. 

It’s like planting seeds of compassion that bloom into a garden of furry friendships. 

Most importantly, you’re giving a big dog a home (albeit a temporary one), giving them a chance to experience belly rubs, long walks, and cozy naps.

It also doesn’t hurt to help the Friends of Mobile Animal Shelter’s noble cause. 

They’re on a mission to match up adoptable companions with their ideal families. 

Plus, they’re keeping strays off the streets with spay/neuter programs. 

So, if you’re ready to make a significant impact with a bigger dog, sign up for this incentive here.

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