Mobile’s Flight Plan Hits a Small Turbulence

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Governor Ivey swung by the Mobile Chamber of Commerce’s “Forum Alabama” recently. 

This time, the spotlight was on the Mobile International Airport project and all the potential it holds for our area. 

Remember when we heard that the new terminal was set to open its doors by the end of 2024?

new mobile internation airport terminal rendering

Yeah, about that…

There’s been a slight hiccup. 

The big reveal has been moved to November 2025

How’s this for a pre-flight check? 

The airport’s giving us a taste of delays before it’s even open! 

Kidding aside, there are solid reasons for this delay. 

Between some workforce snags and the ever-pressing inflation, things got a bit derailed. 

It was bound to take some time, considering that this isn’t going to be just any old terminal. 

They started with five new gates, but now there’s a plan to bump that number up to twelve. 

And Governey Ivey has been quite the champion for this project. 

She managed to secure a cool $20 million in state funds. 

Chris Curry, the head honcho at the Mobile Airport Authority, is all praises for her. 

He’s convinced that with this boost, they’re on track for that 2025 launch. 

In the meantime, we’ll have to focus on the bigger picture. 

Mobile has been losing a chunk of its travelers to nearby airports. 

With this upgrade, they’re hoping to woo them back and even make some moves in the cargo business. 

Think about it: 

An airport next to a port. 

Talk about a transportation hub!

All in all, exciting times ahead for Mobile and its flyers. 

Safe to say, 2025 can’t come soon enough. 

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