Mobile Man’s Lotto Whirlwind Nets Him $50K!

Mobile Rundown Staff

A man from Mobile found himself going the nine-to-five in Kentucky, a place known for fried chicken and horse races. 

And Chad Wrinkle, our unsuspecting protagonist, decided to give the state’s online lottery a spin. 

mobile man wins lotto

Wouldn’t you know it, the man snagged a whopping $50,000

He and his partner Lori trotted into Louisville on Aug. 7, waving a check almost as big as their grins. 

Of course, taxes swooped in like party crashers… 

Chad’s $50,000 got trimmed down to a still-cool $35,750. 

But fret not because Chad and Lori got their priorities straight: they’re showering their Boston Terrier, Chip, with unlimited treats. 

This good boi is about to indulge like four-legged royalty. 

Chad’s journey from lotto amateur to jackpot pro is wilder than a squirrel on energy drinks. 

He dumped $25 into the app, just for scanning tickets, mind you. 

Then he decided, “Why not?” and started playing. 

The game? Wild 8s

He lined up those lucky 8 symbols on a grid, and bam! Chip can go to college if he wants to. 

Who knew a work gig out of state could lead to a cash bonanza? 

Kidding aside, we’re always happy for our own. 

And hey, life’s a riot, especially if you toss a bit of your paycheck into a digital lottery. We should be so lucky.

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