Mobile Just Got Bigger: What Does This Mean for Us?

Mobile Rundown Staff

The results are in: Mobile is now the state’s second-largest city! 

The annexation vote was a success. 

Here are the results: 

Airport Corridor 

For: 447

Against: 880

Kings Branch

For: 303

Against: 237

kings branch

Cottage Hill

For: 2,005

Against: 1,198

cottage hill corridor

Orchard Estates

For: 46

Against: 25

orchard estates

Three out of four communities — Orchard Estates, Kings Branch, and Cottage Hill Corridor — all voted in favor of joining our city. 

This is like adding some serious muscle to the city.

Mobile’s population is now flexing at 208,830 residents! 

Mayor Sandy Stimpson couldn’t contain his excitement.

He’s especially pleased to see Mobile right behind Huntsville, making significant progress. 

This vote means that Mobile can keep growing to the West, and we won’t be trapped by surrounding municipalities. 

And the neighborhoods that hopped on the annexation train are in for a treat — nationally accredited police, fire, and EMS protection, and other fantastic public services like trash collection

The voting period was a real nail-biter, and everyone held their breaths, waiting for the results. 

If all four communities had joined the city, Mobile would have gained over 25,000 new residents.

Mayor Stimpson acknowledged that convincing residents in the Airport Corridor to join the annexation was a tough challenge. 

At the end of the day, it was still their choice to make. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: what does all this annexation stuff mean for me? 

Well, there might be a little bump in taxes, but don’t sweat it! 

Homeowners get a free pass for five years on property tax hikes. Plus, you’ll enjoy the perks of free trash collection. 

And when the small property tax increase kicks in, it will all be for a good cause — better funding for the Mobile County Public School System

Ultimately, Mobile’s annexation victory marks a significant milestone for the city. 

And with a host of new benefits for the annexed communities, our city embraces a bright future of growth and prosperity.

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