Mobile International Airport Has Begun Construction

Sachin Ghatwal

The first commercial flight from Mobile International Airport is scheduled for 2025. One of the most significant milestones toward this goal is the construction of the airport’s terminal and parking garage.

The new airport is not just a massive opportunity; because of its ideal placement, it will also be more accessible and competitive.

The Mobile Airport Authority reports that almost 55%of its passengers have gone elsewhere, primarily to Pensacola and New Orleans, in search of lower fares and more convenient flight times.

mobile international airport has begun construction

It would be awesome if these folks didn’t have to go through all that trouble. 

Five years ago, a feasibility study laid the groundwork for the future of Mobile International Airport. After that phase was finished, FAA money and support were transferred to the airport master plan.

Because of its position in West Mobile, our regional airport has found it difficult to develop competition with airlines, hence making it impossible to cut fares and provide more direct destinations. This, however, will change once Mobile International is operational.

On the agenda for the County Commission meeting is the allocation of $15 million to cover the expense of building out and improving the city’s central airport.

If it is granted, the Mobile Airport Authority will pay it back over the course of five years using a “pay as you go” mechanism.

Needless to say, frequent flyers are thrilled! 

Wintercon 2022

wintercon 2022

Sunday marked the conclusion of the Gamers & Geeks Wintercon 2022. Participants in the convention’s video gaming fandom were delighted with the variety of activities available.

Many shops in the South rely on it as a local marketplace to sell seasonal geeky merchandise. Many people are still searching for the perfect last-minute present, and who could say no to cool, geeky items?

Fans of all stripes came out to peruse the wares for sale, especially those with a passion for video games and fandom.

Artists’ new comics were featured in the convention anthology. A highlight of Wintercon for Douglas Ernst, author of Soulfinder and designer of the Demon’s Match, is interacting with fans.

The spectacular costumes were also hard to miss. Pro cosplayers claim to attend many conventions annually, but Wintercon is their favorite. A costume contest and a comic drawing session were also part of the event.

Mobile Considers Partnering With Nearby Cities For Recycling Expansion 

mobile considers partnering with nearby

Maybe one day, Mobile and the rest of Mobile County will have curbside recycling. As Mobile seeks to broaden the scope of its recycling initiatives, these are some of the topics a new study aims to address. 

Folks who take the time to separate their trash and drop it off at one of the city’s two recycling drop-off facilities deserve praise for their commitment.

The city is making greater efforts to recycle thanks to a subsidy from the state. 

The Mobile City Council accepted a contract for a study this past week to examine the current state of Mobile, the surrounding areas, as well as the many municipalities in the county that could collaborate to improve the situation. 

One survey from earlier this year found that the vast majority of Mobile residents value recycling.

There is also the pressing issue of whether or not Mobile should continue transporting collected recyclables to Pensacola. 

The current approach has the issue that it is expensive to transport it there, and Mobile is forced to shut down its recycling operations when ECUA is closed. 

The research could be completed by the middle of 2023 at the latest.

Tire Amnesty Day 

tire amnesty day

Mobile is the destination for hundreds of repurposed tires. On Saturday, the city staged an unprecedented tire amnesty day. 

Locals now have a way of disposing of tires that is both environmentally friendly and compliant with the law, preventing them from ending up as roadside litter.

There was a short wait as folks in Medal of Honor Park unloaded the tires they’d been keeping in the back of their cars for years.

The Saturday morning initiative at the park collected dozens of long-forgotten tires in its first hour. 

Most people think it’s better that they’re brought here to be recycled instead of being left on the side of the road or dumped at an unofficial landfill.

Tires strewn over the road are an eyesore and a potential mosquito breeding ground.

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