Mobile Goes Electric: Not Trashy, Just Flashy!

Teammate Tish

Our city is now the proud owner of Alabama’s first-ever electric garbage truck

That makes us eco-friendly trailblazers, right? 

Yup, Mobile’s not just about the rich history and Southern charm, folks; 

We’re zooming into the future with a commitment to sustainability!

This might look like a small step, but it proves that we’re a forward-thinking bunch. 

electric avenue

And this wasn’t a solo effort. 

Thanks to a neat $300,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, we got a significant boost. 

It’s our share from that Volkswagen emissions debacle you might’ve heard about. 

– – –

The truck runs smooth and flexes a robotic arm that picks up trash from the curb. 

No big crew needed, just one driver! 

But, right now, the poor thing is nameless. 

That’s right! This modern marvel awaits a title, and the city is open to ideas. 

If a catchy, family-friendly name pops in your head, they’re all ears.

Here’s the submission form

– – –

On a serious note, this isn’t just about a truck. 

It’s about setting the tone for a greener, cleaner future

It’s a call to action, a nudge, if you will. 

If the city’s making waves, why shouldn’t we take some steps individually? 

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and think GREEN. 

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