Mobile Arts Council

Mobile Arts Council aims to improve the quality of life in the area by enhancing access to the arts and developing an active cultural community.

How Did the Mobile Arts Council Start?

Mobile Arts Council

When the Junior League of Mobile founded the Mobile Arts Council (MAC) in 1955, it became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seven years later.

MAC’s work developed throughout time to meet the changing demands of the community and its people.

In the early days of founding MAC, it served mainly as a financial source supporting the arts community. 

As MAC has progressed, it has become an advocate and promoter of the arts.

Today, the organization acts as a vital hub for Gulf Coast to promote and expose their culture.

They facilitate countless events and chances for artists of different backgrounds and media to showcase and perform.

What Does the Mobile Arts Council Offer?

MAC explicitly offers art courses and fosters collaboration to give a rich cultural experience for both residents and visitors.

Every month, MAC features a different group of artists in their community Gallery in Room 1927, next to Saenger Theater. 

How To Volunteer?

The museum has a relatively small staff and a lot of events throughout the year, so they are continuously looking for volunteers to join them.

Volunteerism is a vital part of the organization’s goal to enrich Mobile’s quality of life and arts. 

To improve access to arts and a dynamic cultural community, they encourage people to join them. 

MAC programs and services are only possible because of the support that volunteers provide. 

You can join their team by registering on their website

How To Be a Member?

You can sign up as a MAC member through their website too. It doesn’t cost a lot for you but does a lot for the community.

Your membership contribution helps them achieve their goal of becoming Mobile’s premier source of information and support for the city’s vibrant arts and cultural scene.

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