Mobile Alabama: What They Don’t Tell You

Mobile is packed full of history, nightlife, traditions and good ole southern hospitality. A city full of so much greatness and culture, you can’t find anywhere else like it. There is so much to discover in Mobile, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Dig deep and you’ll uncover facts you never knew existed. Here is a list of things you’ve yet to discover about Mobile.

Mardi Gras

Although New Orleans claims itself as the home of Mardi Gras, Mobile has them beat. In 1703, Mobile was the first to celebrate Mardi Gras. The tradition was first celebrated with masked balls, quickly followed by parades.

Joe Cain

In 1867, Joseph Stillwell Cain, Jr. visited New Orleans and observed the celebrations being held during Mardi Gras. As he returned to Mobile, he was adamant on bringing those celebrations with him. Due to the Civil War, Mardi Gras parades had come to a stop. In 1868 on Fat Tuesday, Cain danced along the streets in front of citizens and troops. A group of veterans, later known as the “Lost Cause Minstrels Band”, paraded around town playing music and celebrating together. Joe Cain Day was established in 1967 and consisted of any locals walking throughout the city. It was developed to celebrate the true meaning of Mardi Gras, inviting any one who wished to celebrate along for the

mardi gras

Azalea Trail Maids

The Azalea Trail Maids are a well-known tradition in Mobile. In 1935, the first Azalea court was chosen, consisting of debutants and Mobile royalty. Today, young ladies prepare for the pageant months in advance, hoping to follow their family legacy. Their famous dresses are made to resemble azalea blossoms and are custom made, costing thousands of dollars.

The Jubilee

Every year between the months of June and September, fish flea to shallow waters along the Mobile Bay. This insane phenomenon draws people to the bay to catch what they can with barely any warning it is happening. You’d be shocked to know a jubilee only occurs in two places in the entire world, Mobile Bay and Japan.

Mind Blowing Laws In Mobile

You may be thinking of all the usual laws most towns have. Mobile has a few laws that will make you bust out laughing.

In the city, it is illegal to spray silly string, have “snap poppers” and throw confetti. What

are Mobilians doing with these festive accessories to get them banned?

It is also against the law to bathe in city fountains, not that you would normally think to do that.

Due to an “incident” in Mobile, it is now considered “unlawful” for women to wear pumps

that are too high and pointy. The incident? A woman walking down the sidewalk got her heel stuck in a sidewalk grate and was injured.

It is illegal to spit orange peels onto the sidewalk

Although these laws may not be strictly enforced, they’ll leave you feeling shocked.

Mobile is full of hidden discoveries you can’t find anywhere else. Take a stroll through the city and unveil a variety of intriguing facts no one would ever guess.

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Author: Michelle Murrill

CEO Southern View Media

Michelle Murrill is the head honcho at Southern View Media. She and her team work on digital marketing strategies for local businesses.  She has lived on the Gulf Coast for 31 years. Her favorite things about living in the Mobile area include being near the beach, eating at all the great local restaurants and all the great events and community involvement! 

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