10 Best Mobile Alabama Plumbers – Who To Try?

Many of the most common problems that homeowners run into when maintaining a house for years always have something to do with plumbing or heating.

If you fancy yourself a DIY-er, it could be tempting to fix these issues yourself.

Why would that be a bad idea?

Well, you run the risk of wasting time and money when you take on something as complicated as plumbing.

Here’s a list of the 10 best Mobile Alabama plumbers to help out. 

Plumbing is a licensed trade.

That means only folks with licenses and proper training are qualified to do the job.

Yes, there are little things you can do yourself, like replacing floor grates and jumper valves.

However, problems with pipes could get you in over your head.

Tampering with pipes may even get you into trouble with the city. 

The following are the glaring signs that you need a plumber.

Never fear! There’s no shortage of qualified Mobile, Alabama plumbers to fix these problems right up. 

The Best 10 Mobile Alabama Plumbers

When It’s Time To Call A Plumber 

1. There’s little to no water coming out of your faucets. 

Uh-oh. Like everything, you don’t realize how vital water is until you lose it.

You can’t shower, can’t wash anything, can’t garden, can’t flush the toilet!

Having no water could be caused by leaks, issues with the water main, and backups. 

Leaks are especially dangerous because they can damage the structural integrity of your home.

Plus, despite having no water, you would still have to pay an insanely high water bill. 

2. Your water is freezing, or your heater is “sweating.” 

A pilot light that has gone out is easy to fix.

But if it keeps happening constantly, you may have a problem.

It’s no fun when you have to shower in ice-cold or scalding conditions. 

Calling a plumber can help you figure out temperature fluctuations in your water.

He or she can check your thermostats, fuses, igniters, and the conditions of your pipes and tank.

During an inspection, a plumber will also usually check for electrical problems and gas leaks. 

You can also find more about Mobile, Alabama’s top electricians here.

3. Your drains are clogged up, or there’s something wrong with your waste disposal. 

A mildly clogged drain can be fixed with a plunger and a little elbow grease.

However, when a plunger won’t do anymore, it means you’re dealing with a severe clog.

A plumber has unique tools like prongs and cameras to thoroughly inspect your pipes. 

Clogs can be caused by a buildup of debris (grease, hair, etc.) or maybe even roots getting in the way, which can compromise your septic tank and underground systems. 

In a similar vein, you know you have a problem with your waste disposal when it’s not making any noise, it’s slow, it’s leaking, or emitting a foul odor. 

4. Your toilet is not working right. 

Maybe you keep hearing your toilet tank filling without even flushing it.

It keeps overflowing. Maybe it’s not stable anymore, and it rocks when you sit on it.

It’s “sweating” or bubbling. Maybe it doesn’t flush well. These are problems that you can’t ignore. 

Calling a plumber will help you avoid any further bathroom mishaps and surprising water bills. 

5. Your basement feels damp. 

If there’s too much moisture down in your basement and you can’t determine where it’s coming from, it’s time to call a plumber.

A damp basement is a health hazard. How so?

Bacteria and mold thrive in moist, humid, and dark environments.

There’s also the danger of attracting dust mites and disease-carrying rodents. 

6. Your house is starting to smell like a sewer. 

The worst thing you can do in this situation is trying to cover up the stench and call it a day.

In most cases, bad smells are caused by drain pipes that aren’t properly ventilated.

Over time, this issue is exacerbated by heavy rains and clogs in the mainline.  

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Mobile Alabama Plumbers 

Roto-Rooter Mobile 

2001 W I-65 Service Rd N, Mobile AL 36618

Phone: 1800-438-7688

EZ-Flow Plumbing and Drain Cleaning 

2601 Halls Mill Rd, Mobile AL 36606

Phone: (251) 661-3131

One Call Plumbing Service LLC 

Phone: (251) 443-6041

Adams Plumbing & Drain Company 

Phone: (251) 473-1279

Dyson Plumbing, Inc. 

119 Abrams St #2401, Mobile AL

Phone: (251) 476-6512

Hansen Plumbing 

Phone: (251) 471-5151

Quick Rooter Plumbing Services 

5405 Moffett Rd, Mobile AL 36618

Phone: (251) 222-6992

Absolute Services, LLC 

Phone: (251) 298-8588

Professional Drain Service (PDS) 

Phone: (251) 645-2216

Persons Plumbing Company 

C, 4474 Halls Mill Rd, Mobile AL 36693

Phone: (251) 660-8572

Leave It To The Pros 

Even if you take pride in maintaining a home through a DIY approach, sometimes it’s more efficient to call a professional.

This is always the case when it comes to plumbing. By letting experts handle your plumbing issues, you preserve and sometimes even raise the value of your home. 

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