Finding the Top Mobile Alabama Hospitals

Hospitals provide essential health services; thus, choosing the best to treat you is crucial. 

You’ll know your way around their services, fees, etc., by having a go-to hospital to avoid panicking. 

This article will help you find your Mobile, Alabama hospitals and nearby specializing in different medical conditions. 

mobile alabama hospitals

6 Best Hospitals in Mobile AL

Ascension Providence

Ascension Providence in Mobile, Alabama, is a full-service 349-bed hospital with 24/7 emergency care

It also operates an outpatient diagnostic center and a freestanding rehabilitation and wellness center.

There is a level III trauma center that provides advanced surgical care for serious and life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

Ascension Providence is a destination for specialty care.

They offer a wide range of minimally invasive procedures, imaging, lab tests, wound care, rehabilitation services, and diabetes care, all on one campus.

Visit: 6801 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL

Call: (251) 633-1000

Ascension Providence Birthing Center

Aside from dealing with emergencies, Ascension Providence also has a birthing Center for women and expecting moms. 

If you choose Ascension Providence Birthing Center, you are also choosing the best for you and your child-to-be.

Their certified midwives and professional Obstetrician-Gynecologists will help you deliver your baby with utmost care.

Visit: 6801 Airport Blvd #7b, Mobile, AL

Call: 251-633-1000

USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital

USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital provides Mobile’s most advanced neonatal care.

Expecting mothers prefer facilities with all treatment available for them in case something happens during pregnancy. 

Some of the services they offer for children and women are clinical, surgical, and acute care with their experienced employees. 

Visit: 1700 Center St, Mobile, AL

Call: 251-434-3711

USA Health University Hospital

USA Health University Hospital offers acute care for most of Southwest Alabama and nearby Mississippi and Florida regions. 

They are not only a health center but also play a huge role in research and development with the University of South Alabama College of Medicine.

USA Health University Hospital also accepts outpatients who need surgery, cardiology, and medical consultation. 

Visit: 2451 University Hospital Dr, Mobile, AL

Call: 251-471-7000

Springhill Medical Center

Springhill Medical Center is one of the leading healthcare providers in Mobile after its foundation in 1975. 

As a family-owned business, Springhill focuses on being a good company that uses its profits for developing its services. 

Advanced technology can help treat patients with more minor risks and faster recovery rates. 

Visit: 3719 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL

Call: 251-344-9630

Mobile Infirmary

Mobile Infirmary is a leading medical facility in Mobile that provides services in surgical, cardiovascular, urgent care, cancer, and more. 

They are also the first in the region to get the da Vinci® Surgical system which made surgeries revolutionary. 

Infirmary Health ensures they provide the most advanced technology to help achieve the highest quality hospital care. 

Visit: 5 Mobile Infirmary Cir, Mobile, AL

Call: 251-435-2400

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5 Medical Centers Near Mobile

5 Medical Centers Near Mobile - mobile alabama hospitals

Thomas Hospital

Thomas Hospital is a 189-bed medical facility near Mobile that also serves Baldwin County. 

Some medical support includes outpatient, open-heart, robotics, and orthopedic surgery. 

You can get consultations and treatments in this clean facility with a healthy work environment and excellent patient care. 

Visit: 750 Morphy Avenue, Fairhope, AL

Call: 251-928-2375

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center has acute care facilities for their inpatient, outpatient, and emergency patients. 

Their experienced employees specialize in 32 medical fields, so that you can trust your healthcare with them. 

They have a 24/7 emergency department, 112 beds, and an imaging center for different medical needs. 

Visit: 1613 N McKenzie St, Foley, AL

Call: 251-949-3400

North Baldwin Infirmary

Another flagship clinic from Infirmary Health is the North Baldwin Infirmary in Bay Minette. 

It is a community hospital with modern facilities, 78 beds, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. 

They also have a spacious area for women giving birth, so they are comfortable during and after delivery. 

One of their centers offers seniors a behavioral health program and nursing home care.

You can get consultations and surgeries here because they have the best gastroenterology and radiology facilities. 

Visit: 1815 Hand Ave, Bay Minette, AL 

Call: 251-937-5521

Atmore Community Hospital

Atmore Community Hospital strives to provide for the needs of their region and nearby areas regarding healthcare. 

Aside from general and medical care, they also have surgical care for both inpatients and outpatients. 

They also have emergency rooms to cater to life-threatening diseases available 24/7. 

They have a long list of healthcare, including cardiopulmonary, anesthesiology, food and nutrition, ICU, and more. 

The more usual services are medical-surgical, outpatient, laboratory, surgery, and radiology.  

Visit: 401 Medical Park Dr, Atmore, AL

Call: 251-368-2500

Singing River’s Pascagoula Hospital

Pascagoula Hospital operates as a full-service hospital with 435 beds that can accommodate inpatients and outpatients. 

They provide services that can achieve all your healthcare needs like Level III trauma, cancer, diagnostics, general medical, surgical, neonatal, and more. 

Inpatients and outpatients who want to undergo rehab can also avail their comprehensive rehabilitation center. 

Pascagoula Hospital can provide you with whatever you need for your healthcare needs. 

Their state-of-the-art technology, along with their professional staff, will give you high-quality hospital care. 

Visit: 2809 Denny Ave, Pascagoula, MS

Call: 228-809-5000

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Guide to Choosing a Hospital

Choosing the best depends primarily on what healthcare service you need.

It could be for a medical emergency, an illness that needs a specialty, or surgery; then, you’ll need one that operates best on them.

It will be easier to find the best medical center if you have and know your choices.

Know Which Service You Need and Your Choices

If you already have a consulting doctor, you may want to ask which hospital they work for or ask them for their recommendation. 

Because they know your medical history the best, they can help you find a hospital with excellent services. 

Check Your Insurance

When it comes to health care, you need to consult your insurance to see which services they will cover. 

You will need to check your insurance plan to see if you have to go to hospitals and physicians preferred by the insurer. 

Determine the Accessibility and Location

You may prefer a health center near your home so you can quickly rush in case of emergencies. 

Aside from its proximity, you may also inquire about their visiting hours if you or someone is in confinement. 

Compare Choices

Comparing your options allows for an alternative if one cannot provide for your needs. 

You may search online to compare the qualities, ratings, and experiences of different facilities to see which fit your standards. 

Consult Patient Experience

You can get the best review and ratings from people who have experienced their service firsthand.

Their experience can aid you in coming up with the best choices so you’ll experience the quality care they had. 

Survey the Structure and Safety

Their facilities must always be clean and safe because they have hazards that can risk patient safety. 

You want to choose one with suitable sanitary measures, fire precautions, and other safety measures. 

Inquire about Their Latest Technology, Doctors, and Amenities

Doctors, technology, and amenities play a huge role in treating patients because they always work hand in hand. 

As a patient, you’ll want a facility with the latest equipment because it is more efficient and quick during recovery. 

Aside from the technology, a medical institution will stand out if they have qualified doctors with enough training and experience.

Meanwhile, you also need to check the amenities inside and near the institution. 

It is convenient to have a transport terminal, ATMs, pharmacy, lodging, and restaurants nearby to attend to your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Final Thoughts: What to Look for in a Hospital

You want to choose a hospital that always gives you the best outcomes for every medical issue.

Since you are talking about health, it is essential to look for a hospital that is responsible and respectful to its patients.

Outstanding hospitals aside, if you’re weighing a move to Mobile, AL, this guide offers a comprehensive view to aid your decision.

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