Set Records With the Best Mobile Alabama Fishing Charters

Sometimes, fishing from the shore is not enough, and you’ll have the desire to explore Mobile Bay and maybe even the Gulf of Mexico.

Mobile Alabama is home to fishing charter pros.

Heck, I even call my own father-in-law ‘Captain’ due to him being a fishing pro with his boat named WizzBang.

wizzbang boat in Mobile Bay

Fishing charters may have different offers, but they all guarantee fun and an exceptional fishing experience. 

You get the perfect combination of relaxation and fun because you’ll never know what you will catch.  

If you want to know where fishing charters are in Mobile, this article will help you find them and nearby ones. 

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9 Best Mobile Alabama Fishing Charters

Mobile is one of the best places to fish around the Gulf Coast, so it’s no surprise that there are many fishing charters here.

It attracts many anglers from different locations who even attend fishing competitions.

Some famous fish in the area are king mackerel, amberjack, sheepshead, tripletail (an elusive fish I’ve never caught), speckled trout, red snapper, and larger gamefish.

Below are charters that provide a quality fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels and ages.


Spots, Dots, and Scales Inshore Fishing Charters

Spots Dots and Sales Inshore Fishing Charters offers different services for your fishing trips in Mobile, Daphne, Fairhope, Gulf Shores, and Foley. 

They are the best for inshore charter fishing, so you get more chances of catching trout, flounder, and redfish. 

Their affordable rates include live bait, rods, license, bottled water, ice, and fish cleaning, so there is no need to bring much with you.

Their Captain Theo has a long fishing history in Mobile Bay, so you know you are in good hands. 

You can learn different methods of fishing and even tips on where to catch a specific fish you want. 

Spots Dots and Scales uses the 21′ Kenner Center Console boat with all the best features to help you find fish better. 

Their launch locations include Bayou La Batre, Fort Morgan, and Dauphin Island, giving you alternatives depending on the weather. 

Visit: 2609 Longleaf Dr, Mobile, AL 36693

Call: 251-367-7706

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Note: if you’re staying close to Dauphin Island, here’s a list of their charters and also one for Gulf Shores Alabama.

A-Team Fishing Adventures

A-Team Fishing Adventures is open to anyone who wants to try catching fish, regardless of age. 

Their Captain, Bobby Abruscato, has over 40 years of fishing experience near Dauphin Island and regularly wins local fishing tournaments. 

If you join their excursion, you can expect to take a Spanish mackerel, flounder, blackfish, redfish, and more. 

A standard trip with A-Team includes your bait, fishing license, lines, rods, ice, and a fish cleaning service. 

You only need to bring your drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and a camera to capture memories of your trip. 

They use dry Skeeter boats, which are fast enough to let you hook all your favorite fish and release them back.

Visit: 5701 Blue Ridge Dr. S, Mobile, AL 

Call: 251-661-7696

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Cold Blooded Fishing

Cold Blooded Fishing is another fishing charter that offers a fun and unforgettable experience in Dauphin Island (they even have webcams!), Bayou La Batre, Fort Morgan, Dog River, and Fowl River.

You’ll get ice, bait, tackle, and a fishing license when you avail of their standard trip that can accommodate up to 3 people.

You can expect to fish for Speckled Trout and Redfish, but you can also find flounder and Spanish mackerel. 

But if you have a specific species in mind that you want to see and get, you can also inquire about it.

You only need to bring your food, drinks, and sunscreen. They have a camera on the boat, but you can always get yours aboard.  

Call: 251-459-5077

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Irish Wake Fishing

Irish Wake Fishing is an excellent inshore and nearshore fishing charter that serves Dauphin Island, Mobile, and the Gulf of Mexico waters.

Irish Wake Fishing launches in Mobile Bay, where there are many fish to catch and a beautiful view to appreciate. 

They know the right places to capture your desired fish and teach you how to reel them properly. 

Their professional staff will help increase your chances of catching a big fish, regardless if you are new or have little experience. 

Visit: 236 Ridgelawn Dr. E, Mobile, AL

Call: 251-379-1420

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Bona Fide Inshore Charters

Captain Shane Traylor welcomes you in their Bona Fide Inshore Charters, equipped with a lifetime fishing experience and unforgettable memories. 

His experience in fishing will help you have a successful fishing trip where you can target red snapper, redfish, flounder, and speckled trout. 

Their standard trip can accommodate up to three people, but you can add more with extra charges upon approval. ​

It will also include fishing essentials like bait, lines, rods, fuel, complimentary water, ice, and fish cleaning. 

They target sheepshead, redfish, speckled trout, and flounder, but you can also spot triple tail, black drum, and more popular fish species.

You’ll kick off your journey from Daphne (plenty to eat), Fairhope (plenty to do), Mobile Bay, Dog River, Dauphin Island, Fowl River, Point Clear, or Bayou La Batre.

They use a 2014 Skeeter bay boat with modifications that allow it to be versatile and have good storage. 

With this boat, you can easily catch fish anywhere from the shallow shores to the rivers. 

Call: 251-709-5433

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Mobile Bay Adventures (Mobile Bay Charters, Cruises & Guides)

Mobile Bay Adventures is an excellent inshore and offshore fishing charter that operates from the east shore of Mobile Bay. 

They have two boats depart from Orange Beach, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort so that you can have a broader water experience. 

Mobile Bay Adventures also guarantees your safety by providing a family package that separates you from other anglers. 

Your fishing trip will be the best with their customized full-day plan that varies from fishing to sightseeing and traveling. 

You can get flounder, speckled trout, and redfish, as usual, by trolling or bottom fishing. 

Your trip begins and ends with their Blazer Bay boat that allows up to three anglers to fish in Mobile Bay and nearby areas. 

If you are a bigger group of anglers, they also have a SeaCraft that accommodates up to six people, giving you a smooth ride. 

Aside from fishing, they can also assist you in other water activities, like relaxing on a private beach and dining at the many restaurants on the water.

Visit: 4 Malaga Dr, Spanish Fort, AL

Call: 251-533-6964

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Bayside Charters

Mobile Bay Adventures

Bayside Charters is open for all types of anglers, whether you are a family, company, group of friends, or others. 

They will give you a memorable fishing experience with their excellent customer service.

Their charter aims for tripletail, speckled trout, flounder, and redfish around Mobile Bay and near waters. 

Captain Kevin Olmstead will lead your trip with his extensive fishing experience that starred in inshore Mobile Bay fishing. 

They cover Fort Morgan, Point Clear, Fairhope, Mobile, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Bon Secour, Dauphin Island, and more.

Although their headquarters is in Fairhope, they can pick up customers and launch around Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan. 

Your entire trip will be in a 2016 Blazer Bay with a 250 Yamaha motor, allowing you to travel the waters safely.

It is also 24 feet long, so there is a bigger space for guests to move around and enjoy the trip. 

Call: 251-379-0560

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Reel Gypsy Fishing

Reel Gypsy Fishing lets you experience a fantastic fishing journey along the waters of Alabama. 

book a fishing trip charter out of mobile alabama

Whether you are an experienced, interested, or new angler, they can help you with your needs. 

You can catch many fish around Mobile Bay, but Reel Gypsy Fishing specializes in speckled trout, cobia, redfish, red snapper, and tripletail. 

Sometimes, you can also catch bluefish, mackerel, and sheepshead, so there are always options. 

The combined more than 50 years of fishing experience in Reel Gypsy Fishing allows them to be fantastic guides to enthusiastic customers. 

You can experience inshore and nearshore fishing with them, and they will guide you to get your best catch. 

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Coastal Fishing Charters

Coastal Fishing Charters specializes in an inshore fishing trip along Fairhope, Fort Morgan, Orange Beach, Daphne, and Gulf Shores. 

Their lead captain Skylar Beagle has a lot of fishing experience in Mobile Bay and some coastal waters of Alabama.

It allows him to build expertise in catching redfish, flounder, speckled trout, tripletail, and sheepshead. 

There will never be a dull moment in the boat because Captain Skylar enjoys teaching people and telling stories. 

Visit: 154 Orange Ave, Fairhope, AL

Call: 251-454-5965

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Can I Always Catch a Fish?

Fish don’t always bite on your bait; it may take a long time to hunt and find one to catch easily. 

However, if you actively participate in the whole trip, your chances of hooking a fish increase. 

Catching a fish combines your skills, participation, and a little luck, but the chances are not zero. 

Also, fish like speckled trout and redfish are available year-round in Mobile, so you always have the chance to fish them.

What To Prepare for a Fishing Trip

Preparing for a fishing trip can be a little awful if you don’t know where to start as a rookie or an expert.

You’re good to go if you have enough time to prepare and a good bag to store your things. 


Before your fishing trip starts or any trip, you always need to know where you want to go. 

It is best to search for the weather forecast first so you can land where fishing can be safe. 

You can start preparing your plans according to the weather and the number of people who will join. 

Fishing Gear

While most fishing charters offer fishing equipment as part of their standard trip, you may want to bring your lucky charms. 

You can do so if you are more confident and comfortable using your gear and equipment. 

However, don’t bring everything; only consider carrying what your bag can fit, like rods and lines. 

Clothes are also part of fishing gear, so consider the weather where you will pack them. 

Other supplies you can bring on the trip are toiletries, a camera, food, and an extra change of clothes. 

Fishing Gear - mobile alabama fishing charters


Sunscreen is a must for all trips, especially fishing, because you will be under the sun the whole day. 

It is best to keep your skin safe from the UV rays that can damage it if left for too long. 

You don’t want to experience sunburns, itching, redness, and other skin irritation during your trip if your priority is to enjoy it.

If you are a frequent angler, it is even more crucial always to use sunscreen so you won’t develop any serious skin diseases.

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Final Word

A fishing charter can be an excellent activity to try for new anglers and a relaxing experience for the experts. 

Fishing may not be your first choice during a vacation or holiday, but you’ll know it is a fantastic and unique activity. 

Maybe after your first charter fishing, you’ll come back for more and be an expert soon. 

It can be an excellent experience for seasoned anglers to socialize with other anglers.

Regardless of your experience, fishing can guarantee you a great time on the waters with your family and friends.

Hopefully, these fishing charters in Mobile will take you on an adventure that can give you the catch of your dreams. 

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