The 19 Best Fence Companies in Mobile, Alabama: A Review

Fences are a great addition to your property, aside from their aesthetic purpose, because it also add security and privacy. 

For installing fences, it is best to hit up an expert who knows how to care for your fencing needs to get the job right. 

These Mobile, Alabama, fence companies are experts in the field and will give you the most good-looking and sturdy fence.

10 Top Fencing Contractors in Mobile, AL

10 Top Fencing Contractors in Mobile, AL

Jaypro Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance

Jaypro Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance is an expert at cleaning, painting, landscaping, and putting up fences.

When you hire JAYPRO, you are hitting multiple birds as they set your fences and cater home maintenance and renovations. 

Visit: 5904 Cricket Lane, Mobile, AL 36693

Call: 251-635-8942

Fortress Construction Services Inc

Fortress Construction Services Inc. offers services for your plumbing, fencing, and other handyman needs, particularly for small projects. 

Their fencing services include wood fence installation and repairing of your existing fences that you want to touch up.

Visit: 3688 Airport Blvd Ste B261, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: 253-334-2980

Nichelson Home Building

Nichelson Home Building can help you with your outdoor needs, like power washing, cutting the grass, installing carpet, and taking care of your lawn. 

They also offer wood fence installation, exterior shutter installation and repair, and other handyman services you may need.

Visit: 10146 Summer Lake Drive, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: 985-290-6239

C&B 24 Hrs Convenience

C&B 24 Hrs Convenience is your go-to home repair company as they provide handyman works, electric needs, and remodeling in your house. 

While most of their works specialize in the interior aspect of your homes, like painting and tile installation, they also provide quality fence installation. 

Visit: 2758 Brookley Ave, Mobile, AL 36606

Call: 251-525-2179

Nelson’s Repair & Service

Nelson’s Repair & Service is about improving your home as they deliver the best work from their expert staff. 

They specialize in fence installation and repair, whether you want wood, iron, vinyl fence, glass, chain link, or cedar for your yard. 

Visit: 5221 Burma Road West, Mobile, AL 36693

Call: 251-786-7253

Motesart Products and Services

Motesart Products and Services believe in knowledge in household repairs and improvements because you always need experience. 

Their five decades of experience ensure they serve the best fence installation from chain links, wood, PVC, and vinyl.

Visit: 4060 Henning Drive South, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-510-2255

RCC- Restoration

RCC- Restoration is at your door whether you need a major repair or improvement for your house and you need a reasonably priced service. 

Their home service options include cabinet installation, painting, clearing a clogged drain, and installing a wood fence. 

Visit: 567 Williams Street, Mobile, AL 36606

Hagan Fence Co

Hagan Fence Co has been around for more than seven decades and continues to provide quality fencing services to the Gulf Coast. 

You get the fairest price possible are a wholesale company that provides fence installation for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. 

Visit: 4423 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36693

Call: 251-661-4143

Turner Wilson Fence Company

Turner Wilson Fence Company has three decades of fencing experience, making them more than qualified.

They add security and charm to your home and commercial properties with PVC, aluminum, chain link, brick, wood, and vinyl fencing.

Visit: 7900 Foxfire Dr, Mobile, AL 36608

Call: 251-635-1500

Smith and Smith LLC

Smith and Smith LLC is an expert in caring for your outdoor space, whether it is a residential or commercial property.

They provide landscaping services, fence installation, tree removal, repairs, and more at a reasonable price.  

Visit: Travis Road, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-294-6690

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9 Top Fence Contractors near Mobile, AL

9 Top Fence Contractors near Mobile, AL

Opal Handyman

Opal Handyman is a reliable handyman company that provides various household repairs and renovations. 

Aside from their free estimates, they also offer wood fence repair, playhouse repair, installation of sheds, cleaning of decks, and more. 

Visit: 27498 Stratford Glen Dr, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 256-454-7791

J. Mitchell Services

J. Mitchell Services offers anywhere from carpentry to electrical needs of your home or commercial property.

They have a long list of appliance repairs, stairs, wood fence setup, porch repairs, and other handyperson services.

Visit: 1592 Abbey Loop, Foley, AL 36535

Call: 251-388-2043

Chris’ Home Repair

Chris’ Home Repair ensures that your residential space is always safe and charming, giving the best maintenance and home repair services.

With their outstanding reputation in the industry, they deliver quality works for your door, window, fence, floor, frame, roof, and other household needs.

Visit: 4720 Hamel Dr., Eight Mile, AL 36613

Call: 256-673-0794

Ben’s Landscape and Fencing, LLC

Ben’s Landscape and Fencing, LLC has almost two decades of experience with lawn care; they know the best for your yard.

They offer various services, from maintenance to cleaning, but they also specialize in installing aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl fences.

Visit: 550 Stuart St, Daphne, AL, United States, Alabama

Call: 251-454-0554

Alabama Residential

Alabama Residential is a reliable handyman company that offers painting services, metal gate installation, and aluminum driveway gate setup.

However, if you are looking for something for your fence, they also install and repair wood, wrought iron, aluminum or steel, and vinyl or PVC fences.

Visit: 23322 Mildorf Rd., Robertsdale, AL 36567

Call: 251-752-7427

Howell Fencing

Howell Fencing is a locally-owned fence contractor specializing in fencing needs from installation to repairs. 

They have a wide range of fence selections like a farm fence, chain link, picket fence, pool fencing, privacy fence, and shadow box.

Visit: 5477 Maple Court, Satsuma, AL 36572

Call: 251-656-5274

Hurley Interior Specialist

Hurley Interior Specialists can do any interior work you need for your house, but they also provide handyman works for small projects. 

Their services include any drywall needs, wood fence setup, and carpentry framing repair for residential and commercial spaces. 

Visit: 19120 Heyward Cunningham Road, Moss Point, MS 39562

Call: 228-217-2488

Parks Construction

Parks Construction is all about taking care of your outdoors so you can have an appealing yet comfortable area at your home. 

With their landscaping solutions, they can install wrought iron fences and turn your yard into a small paradise. 

Visit: 3304 Lampkin Road, Moss Point, MS 3956

Call: 601-218-4873

Pro Finishers

Pro Finishers will finish all your household needs as they offer almost every indoor and outdoor service.

They can install wood fences, paint your home, and install and repair floors, decks, porches, sheetrock, stairs, and more.

Visit: 4939 Christopher Road, Wilmer, AL 36587

Call: 251-303-4236

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Fencing Options To Choose for Your Property

Fencing Options To Choose for Your Property - mobile alabama fence companies

Different fence materials vary in price and durability, such as wood, chain link, aluminum and steel, and wrought iron.

This part covers their differences and ease of installation so you know which one fits your property the best.

Wood Fences

Standard wood fences you see are easy to stall and can last up to 20 years as long as it receives proper maintenance. 

Because of their durability, you can usually spot them in panels and pickets, and installers use redwood or cedar. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain links are the best choice if you want a secured property, as it uses steel, rails, vinyl coating, and mesh fencing. 

It is one of the most accessible fences to install, but you’ll need an expert to bend the mesh because it is hard and heavy easily.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum and steel fences are one of the most heavy-duty fences that add an elegant finish to your yard. 

It doesn’t offer much privacy, but it still provides security and appeal as it is weather-proof and rust-resistant.

Wrought Iron Fence

Frequently Asked Questions - mobile alabama fence companies

Wrought iron is a beautiful traditional fence that comes in pre-manufactured panels that contractors easily install. 

Because of its elegance and durability, it is one of the most used fences, especially for wooden houses.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences have a long life span, low maintenance, and are affordable, which is why many residents choose this for their houses.

It is easy to install, which is why it is ideal for DIY projects, and it is also recyclable, which makes it eco-friendly.

Pool Fence

When you have children at home, it is advisable to install a pool fence so you can protect them from accidents.

Under most building codes, these fences have self-latching gates and are durable and non-climbable.

Farm Fence

Barbed wire fences are traditional farm fences, but other materials are available, like welded wire, composite, electric, and high-tensile wire.

Farm owners use these fences to divide livestock, isolate animals, or protect the farm from other wildlife and intruders.

If they need a higher level of containment and protection, they use electric fences that hold against wood posts.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fences can vary in materials, but their primary purpose is to block the view from the property.

These fences usually maximize the allotted height under building laws to increase privacy and boundaries.

Lattice Fence

Lattice fences are like privacy fences, but because they are checkered, they only block some of the view.

The patterns give your fence a nice touch and help keep your privacy, especially in your backyard.

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FAQs – Fence Installation in Mobile, Alabama

How Tall Should the Fence Be?

The fence height for residential and commercial buildings depends on your local building code. 
However, the usual home fence height should be a maximum of six feet and pass your homeowner’s association approval. 

How Long Does a Wood Fencing Last?

A typical wood fence lasts for more than a decade, but with the correct maintenance, it can last up to two decades or more. 
Still, longevity depends on your area because factors like moisture, temperature, and sun exposure can reduce its life span. 

Do I Need to Install a Fence?

A fence may not be a requirement for some homeowners, but it adds protection and privacy from intruders. 
It can be a beautiful barricade to keep wild animals off your property and your children safe from the roads. 

How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

The installation cost purely relies on the material, ease of installation, and length of the fence used. 
Depending on the style and slope, you can expect fence experts to price it per linear foot anywhere from $15 to $60. 

Which is the Most Durable Fence?

Fences made of concrete are the most durable fence, but you may prefer to avoid their appearance when installed for your home. 
However, these masonry fences can last over ten decades without problems if you maintain them and use quality materials. 

How Long Will the Installation Take?

There is no absolute answer to how long fence setup takes because it depends on the design, length, and site conditions. 
It can go anywhere from one day to one month, but concrete fences take longer because it takes time to cure.

Wrapping Up

Fences significantly affect the overall appearance of your house but also ensure you get privacy and security. 

With the right fence contractors, you can get a durable and long-lasting bar and an aesthetic appeal.

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