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Mobile, Alabama, is our home and part of the Deep South culture.

If you know, you know. You should probably start here if you don’t. 

But let’s assume you do. And you want to either find or add your local events to Mobile AL Event Calendars.

Or maybe you want to get some tips on marketing your event or business.

This article will cover that.

Mobile AL Event Calendars

First of all, I assume you’re already getting our weekly emails.  

If not, what are you waiting for?!?

Each week, one of the things we tell you about are events happening here in Mobile.

But even if you don’t get the email, our calendar is one of the top local events calendars in the area (we’re biased, I know).

mobile alabama event calendars - downtown mobile alabama

One Unified City of Mobile Calendar

We have been a part of numerous conversations in Mobile where it’s voiced, “What we need is one single calendar that is the ‘go to’ source in the city.”

According to some organizations, this has been in talks for more than ten years.

As a calendar producer, we know it takes hard work.

To have a single calendar that we all promote, we’d have to have a calendar willing to post all of the important events for event organizers.

Who would manage this calendar and post these items?

It’s a full-time job! (ask us how we know).

So each organization has continued to manage its calendar.

They guarantee that the events most important to them get promoted to their audiences.

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Mobile AL Event Calendars Network

We had an idea that we started this year.

Why not connect directly with organizations in Mobile with calendars and promote each other?

If ten years had passed and there wasn’t a single unified calendar, we decided to do the next best thing — link all of these calendars together.

And with that, we launched a local calendar network.

They link to us, and we link to them.

If your organization has an event calendar, reach out to us to see if joining our calendar network would be a good fit.

So join hands with other Mobile AL event calendars.

But let’s say you don’t have an event calendar, but you do have an event that you want to market.  

What are the best ways to do this?

How to Market My Event in Mobile Alabama

Here are a few ideas that you can use.

First, start planning at least six months before your event date.

You will need the 90 days before the event to do your heaviest marketing, but being prepared before that time is best.

Six months out, you should have your branding and event details (date, time, location, & ticket pricing) in place.

Doing this places you in a better position when you’re ready to start your marketing plan.

Be sure to create a Facebook Event, as this will be served to people in your area and is a great place to provide all of your event information.

You can use that information to share it with others easily.

A few local calendars that you can submit your info to are: 

Visit Mobile,

City of Mobile,

Mobile County, and us at

The Mobile Rundown [we promote events for FREE for two weeks and offer additional weeks for only $39 — we also promote these to thousands each week in our newsletter].

Another recommendation is window posters.

These are easy to overlook, but if your event is in a particular area (like Downtown Mobile), then approaching downtown businesses to hang a poster in their window is easy and a great idea.

Finally, it would help to create media relationships to see where you can gain earned media.

Remember that if you’re pitching a media outlet, find an angle that makes it a good story for them.

But what if I just need to market my business?

How to Market my Business in Mobile?

The good news is that a business can take many of the ideas above in order to promote their business creatively.

If your company has a unique concept, you can also reach out to the media to see if they find it interesting to create a story.

Of course, your business should already have social media channels created.

But if you don’t, that’s a first step (Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin Profiles).

Ensure your website includes your address, phone number, and a contact form or email address.

A customer may want to call you for information quickly.

But also ensure you provide as much information about your company as possible and have an FAQ page.

Another subset of customers (like us!) doesn’t want to call you.

We want to quickly review your website and then reach out via chat or email if we have additional questions or need to set up an appointment.

A Google Business Profile is also a great idea.

And not just for reviews. You can also add updates and current business photos.  

And of course, we at The Mobile Rundown also have options for you to advertise to thousands of locals.

Of course, the best advertising is word of mouth, but it takes years to get your business to the point where you can do less paid advertising.

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