Why you should attend Mobile’s Boat Show

Curious about the buzz around the Mobile Boat Show

No wonder!

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It’s the go-to event for anyone passionate about the latest in marine innovation and the awesome boating lifestyle. 

And it happens right here on the Gulf Coast. 

In this article, we’ll go through the top reasons to attend

And I’ll sprinkle in some fun facts that make the show truly special. 

Whether you’re in it for the boats, the deals, or the stories, there’s something here for you. 

As a local, I’m here to share insider tips and stories that make the show not just an event, but a community gathering. 

Now, let’s uncover the cultural richness that the Mobile Boat Show has to offer! 

A Brief History of The Mobile Boat Show

The Mobile Boat Show started 72 years ago as Alabama’s largest indoor boat showcase

It was initially hosted at Ft Whiting before transitioning to the Civic Center upon its completion. 

In 1992, Dan Miller acquired the show from Norma Jean, the widow of John Damrich. 

Then, the show found its permanent home at the Mobile Convention Center. 

Since then, it’s been the go-to spot for checking out the newest boats, motors, and marine gadgets under one roof. 

Think of it as your one-stop shop for comparison shopping —

But with a twist! 

It often shows special show pricing that’s too good to pass up. 

And over the years, this event has evolved into somewhat of an attraction. 

boats outside at the mobile alabama boat show

Aside from the boats, there are special activities that the whole family can enjoy. 

It’s THE HEART of our boating community, making waves as a tradition that both locals and visitors eagerly anticipate each year.

The Perks of Attending the Mobile Boat Show

So, what’s the big deal about this event? 

Why should you go? 

Well, here are a couple of reasons…

You get to connect with experts. 

Weirdly enough, the Mobile Boat Show is not just about boats; it’s about the folks

This event brings together a group of manufacturers, dealers, and enthusiasts, creating a unique opportunity for networking

Here, you can make connections that can last a lifetime. 

You’ll gain insights, advice, and lots of stories from people who love the lifestyle as much as you do! 

The Unbeatable Deals and Discounts

The Mobile Boat Show is the place for exclusive deals and discounts not found anywhere else. 

As an attendee, you can find significant savings on boats, gear, and accessories. 

That’s why it’s prime time to purchase that dream boat or upgrade your existing equipment. 

These show-only specials can help you save thousands, making high-quality marine products more accessible. 

A Sea of Choices 

From sleek luxury yachts to sturdy fishing boats built to last… 

The Mobile Boat Show offers an unparalleled selection. 

With everything on display, you can compare your options side by side in a single venue. 

It’s an invaluable resource for those looking to make informed decisions in a market full of choices. 

You can learn from the pros!

This event is not limited to browsing and buying. 

It’s also a chance to learn from the best in business! 

Through seminars and hands-on demos led by industry experts, you might pick up a new skill or two! 

You’ll also be updated on the latest trends in boating technology. 

You’re sure to walk away with more practical know-how and advice on how to enjoy the water safely and sustainably. 

Family-Friendly Fun

The Mobile Boat Show was designed with families in mind

That’s why it offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. 

Mobile Alabama Boat Show - Gulf Coast Shows - education for the kids

From interactive exhibits to educational programs, there’s something to engage and entertain every member of the family. 

It might be your family’s ideal weekend outing.

So, bring the kids and start ‘em young!

This Year’s Mobile Boat Show

You in? 

Here’s what you can expect from the 72nd Mobile Boat Show! 

There are going to be hundreds of 2024 model boats from dealers across Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. 

This just might be the year you get your new ride! 

The kids will love Twiggy the Skiing Squirrel, an engaging way to teach them about water safety. 

Mobile Alabama Boat Show - Gulf Coast Shows with Twiggy the Squirrel

Also new are touch tanks provided by the AL Dept of Marine Resources. 

The whole family can get up close and personal with the local marine life. 

There’s also Kids 101, which offers more interactive activities like cast net throwing, rod casting, and life jacket safety. 

Participants will get a free reel and rod!

The Trout Pond is another highlight, giving kids their first foray into the incredible world of fishing. 

Mobile Alabama Boat Show - Gulf Coast Shows - trout pond for the kids

These unique features make the show a fun-filled educational experience for the whole gang! 

Planning Your Visit 

Dates & Times: February 23-25, 2024, from 10 am to 7 pm daily. 

Location: Mobile Convention Center (1 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602) 

Tickets: $12 online, $15 at the door; free for kids 15 and under. 

More Details: 

  • Seminars are held every day with local and regional guides and fishing personalities sharing information in our area. 
  • This year’s “Guides Corner” seminars are sponsored by FM Talk 106.5
  • There’s going to be a “Pride of the South” fishing tournament and live weigh-in at the show Saturday, February 24. 

For more info: Check www.gulfcoastshows.com/mobile for detailed schedules or email Melissa@gulfcoastshows.com

Related Activities 

Looking to dive deeper into Mobile’s rich maritime heritage? 

The city offers a treasure trove of maritime attractions!

There’s the historic battleship USS Alabama, showcasing naval history. 

And don’t miss the GulfQuest National Maritime with its interactive exhibits. 

These spots are just the beginning of what Mobile has to offer for those passionate about the sea. 

Of course, your sailor’s journey won’t be complete without checking out the best seafood restaurants in the city


The Mobile Boat Show has been a longstanding tradition. 

And now, it invites you to explore the latest in boating and embrace the boating lifestyle. 

This event is a chance to engage with a vibrant community and experience innovations firsthand. 

It’s a celebration of maritime culture, and there’s no reason your story shouldn’t be a part of it! 

So, come by, discover what’s new, learn from experts, and enjoy a fun-filled outing with your family. 

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