Millions in Grants Awarded To Boost Local Broadband Connections

Mobile Rundown Staff

Here we are struggling to disconnect from the internet while others want to get connected more. I don’t know if there’s irony here, but it seems like the other camp is getting what they want. 

Rural regions in nine Alabama counties (including Mobile) are getting enhanced internet connections soon. 

This is due to the fact that $24.72 million in grants were given by Governor Kay Ivey. 

Millions in Grants Awarded To Boost Local Broadband Connections

Various broadband service providers divvied up this sum, and now they have the funds to cater to underserved or unserved communities. 

Once they set this up, roughly 20,000 households and businesses will finally have access to the high-speed internet that we enjoy. 

This is good news for everyone because it’s starting to become a basic necessity to have internet access these days. 

In fact, some would argue that it’s a basic human right. After all, internet access encompasses freedom of expression. 

Kids need online schooling. Adults need to manage businesses. Families need to stay in touch. 

And we wouldn’t say no to a couple thousand more readers! 

Hopes aside, this ‘Middle Mile’ project will work wonders for more remote areas. We can’t deny that the internet is a fantastic resource (ignoring all the toxicity), and everybody should have a piece of the pie!

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