Who is Mercedes Marge? Famous Mobile AL Icon!

If you don’t know Margery-Jean Baxter (Mercedes Marge), you need to.

How did she get the nickname ‘Mercedes Marge’?

Let me explain.

But I want you to understand something.

Mobile Alabama has Icons

Iconic citizens to be remembered forever into the future of the city.

Joe Cain.

Hank Aaron.

The Peanut Man.

Lonnie Johnson.

Mercedes Marge is one of these Mobile Icons

[We’ve used the below image to sign off our weekly emails for close to a year, but we realize that the image would only be known by ‘the insiders’. So let us get you in the know.]
Mercedes Marge Mobile Alabama with Coco hanging out of the window

How would you know Mercedes Marge?

Well, if you know, you know.

But if you don’t, I’ll educate you.

You would see her driving up Old Shell Road at a very safe (slow) speed.

Her dog Coco, hanging out the window catching all the breeze.

Due to her ‘relaxed speed’, I’ve often seen cars stacking up behind Ms. Margery.

But never did I see cars being aggressive toward her.

I think they knew her.

And if they didn’t, locals would educate them.

Friends would inform them.

“Oh, that lady right there? That’s Mercedes Marge.”

Who is ‘Mercedes Marge’?

Ms. Margie is well loved in the community and I found out a bit more about her.

While some know Margie as the older lady with the dog, I learned that she is a very accomplished lady. 

Margie was the first female to graduate from Spring Hill College after it went co-ed.  How cool is that?!?

She was the Comptroller for the City for several years and has owned a very successful Real Estate Company for the better part of her adult life. 

She did mostly commercial real estate and is well known in the Mobile Community.

Like we said, she’s a Mobile icon, and you need to know about her.

Margie had a knife pulled on her

In 2021, she was held up at knifepoint and thrown out of her car.

She was in the McDonald’s drive-through getting herself a coffee and a chicken biscuit for Coco.

The man was apprehended, but the city of Mobile was concerned.

Local citizens were outraged.

It’s like the entire town was watching over this local icon.

Every time Ms. Margery was spotted in town, they posted her photo.

We love it.

Mercedes Marge = Icon status!

Coco (Marge’s dog) died in 2022

We were told by her close friends that her beloved companion Coco passed away.

Our condolences go to Ms. Margery for the loss of her dog Coco.

We know that Coco was her partner in crime and will be missed.

If you’d like to send Ms. Marge a card (she’d love it!) please mail to:

2605 Springhill Ave
Mobile, Al  36607

Our media brand reaches tourists and newcomers to Mobile alike.

We realized that only a small group of our readers knew who Mercedes Marge was.

So this article is to get you in the know and add another Mobile icon to your mental databank.

Here’s to Mercedes Marge and Coco — forever iconic Mobilians!

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