McKemie Place, AL – The Region’s Best Emergency Shelter For Women

McKemie Place seems to be the only place in Southwest Alabama where ladies without company can go in case of an emergency.

Formed as an independent organization in 2010 due to the Homeless Coalition response team, it began as a ministry of the United Methodist Inner City Mission. 

To remember the memory of James “Jim” McKemie and his dedication to helping the homeless in the town, they decided to rename a new women’s homeless shelter as McKemie Place.

McKemie Place

How Did McKemie Place Begin?

A homeless woman died from exposure on the cold streets of Mobile, Alabama, in 2007.

Hence a home for unaccompanied adult women started after the sad death, known as McKemie Place. 

This shelter aims to give unaccompanied women in distress a safe sanctuary, spiritual support, and access to services. 

One of its primary goals is to provide a safe place where women can temporarily reside as they fight to reclaim their freedom and overcome hurdles.

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What Does McKemie Place Offer?

Due to the work of the Homeless Coalition task group, which included the late Jamie Praytor, their first visitors were granted refuge in the United Methodist Inner City Mission in March of 2007. 

McKemie Place became the current homeless shelter’s name in remembrance of James “Jim” McKemie and his compassion for those in need in their neighborhood.

More than 5,000 women sought refuge in this shelter by 2019, up from less than 100 in their initial year of operation. 

One of McKemie’s primary goals is to provide a safe and supportive environment where homeless women can recover and restore their sense of self-worth and independence. 

The women that come to the shelter are damaged and desperate.

McKemie Place aims to care for them for an extended period and grow both individually and spiritually while in care.

How Can You Donate?

McKemie Place also accepts financial aid.

It serves the community with an average of $4 million in programs annually without asking for any money from its guests. 

The team will be grateful for your support, and they look forward to working with you in the future.

You can send your donations online or via PO Box.

How Can You Volunteer?

McKemie Place depends mainly on volunteers to feed their guests daily since homelessness does not have a day off. 

The shelter also needs a few more female volunteers to work as receptionists.

You can send in your inquiries at their email, visit their website or give them a call if you can assist.

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