McDonald’s Kicks It Up a Notch

Mobile Rundown Staff

Most folks would agree that there are better food options than Mickey D’s, especially in a food city like Mobile. 

But sometimes, only a good old Big Mac can hit the spot, right? 

Well, if you’re not “lovin’ it” anymore, I have some good news for you.

Burgers and Big Macs as we know them are getting a much-needed upgrade in America’s favorite food chain. 

McDonald’s Kicks It Up a Notch

By 2024, during the grilling process, caramelized onions will be added to the patties.

Macs are getting a healthier slathering of that signature sauce, too. 

They’ll use softer buns, and the cheese will get to you soft and melty instead of at a sad room temperature.

Sounds good; let’s see them implement these changes! 

Apparently, McDonald’s has a “Culinary Innovation” department, and they claim that these little tweaks will make a huge difference in their products.

You can already sample this refreshed recipe in branches in LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Australia, Canada, and Belgium. 

They’re also bringing back ‘Hamburglar,’ the not-so-PC mascot representing McDonald’s mainstay product.

But the real question is: what is Grimace supposed to be?

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