Mating Mania: Alligators Find Love in Unexpected Places

Mobile Rundown Staff

The alligator mating season is in full swing.

April and May mark the time when these scaly Casanovas come out to play, and Mobile County has become their hotspot. 

But fear not, friends, because these amorous reptiles are more interested in romance than in causing trouble.

Mating Mania

They’re on the lookout for their perfect match, not people to snack on. Phew!

JJ MCCool, an alligator expert from Wildlife Solutions, spills the beans on these escapades.

The big fellas, usually the elusive type, tend to make appearances in public areas for a reason. 

If you spot an alligator strutting its stuff where it shouldn’t be, chances are it’s looking for love, nursing an injury, or lost its “gator” status.

The drama. 

Gator moms are a whole other story.

If you accidentally stumble upon their nest, watch out!

Female alligators take their motherly duties very seriously. 

They carefully incubate their eggs under vegetation, creating a cozy little haven for their soon-to-be hatchlings. 

They will guard this nest against any intruder.

It’s a mother’s love with some serious teeth, so stay away!

Sometimes, some gators think of themselves as beach bums, ending up on the shores of Dauphin Island. 

Apparently, when there’s a big rainstorm, they get swept away from their usual freshwater dwellings. 

All of this is no biggie, but there’s a golden rule to be followed here: never try to cozy up to an alligator. 

If you do happen to spot a lost gator, do a lightning-fast retreat.

You might also want to be a good samaritan and warn others. 

The biggest danger lurks when a gator makes its way to public areas like boat launches, swimming spots, and ponds. Why? 

Well, some well-meaning folks have fed these reptilian friends, turning them into “hangry” danger magnets.

So, keep your distance and avoid being an unexpected snack.

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