WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Mardi Gras Wind-Down

Sachin Ghatwal

  • Trinity Gardens Parade Drew Big Crowd

As a last hurrah, the Trinity Gardens Parade brought out over 33,000 folks for the final Mardi Gras celebration. 

It went mostly smoothly, except for a woman who fell off a float but wasn’t badly hurt.

  • Mayor Stimpson Still Pleased Despite Mobile’s Carnival Challenges

Mayor Sandy Stimpson declared the 2024 Carnival season as a huge success. 

He’s now coming up with plans to improve city services for future celebrations. 

  • Crawfish Prices Drop, Seafood Lovers Rejoice 

crawfish prices drop, seafood lovers rejoice

Crawfish prices are finally dropping after last year’s drought spiked costs. 

Customers are thrilled, though some are still waiting for even lower prices before diving back into their favorite seafood treat.

  • Amtrak’s Exasperatingly Long Road Back to the Gulf Coast 

It’s been 18 years, but Amtrak is finally inching closer to bringing back Gulf Coast trains by 2024. 

With all the back-and-forth, you’d think they were laying golden tracks! 

  • Mobile’s Mardi Gras Recycling Win 

mobile's mardi gras recycling win

Mobile stepped up its Mardi Gras cleanup game, recycling over 13,000 lbs of materials, including 1,574 lbs of beads —

That’s almost 3,000 lbs more than last year! 

  • Bishop State’s Historic Turnaround 

Under Coach Eager, Bishop State’s basketball team went from 3-25 to a historic 24-3 season, clinching their first ACCC title. 

Their hard work and tough defense have them aiming for a national tournament debut.

  • Quick Tag Renewals at Mobile County Kiosks

Mobile County now has kiosks in city halls for quick tag renewals, making it easier for residents to update tags without waiting in line or going online. 

  • Making Home Dreams Come True

The MLK Avenue Renovation Corporation is helping lower-income families in Mobile become homeowners. 

They’ve already built 149 homes with the help of community donations. 

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