Man’s Slow Cart Getaway Fail

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man's slow cart getaway fail

In what might be the slowest getaway in criminal history, 

Herman J. McMillian, aged 66, decided to hijack an electric shopping cart from Piggly Wiggly

The Mobile police were called to track down Herman after he made his daring escape at a breakneck speed of 2.5 mph. 

The “excitement” unfolded around 2:30 p.m. on a Wednesday —

And let’s be real, finding him wasn’t exactly a “Where’s Waldo?” situation. 

He was spotted just over a mile from his starting point. 

Herman was promptly arrested and charged with 1st-degree theft, plus a bonus outstanding warrant. 

As of Thursday, he was chilling in Mobile Metro Jail, probably reminiscing about his small-time heist. 

What was he thinking? 

Alabama Power Activates Mega Generator

alabama power activates mega generator

Here’s a bit of “bright” news. 

Plant Barry Unit 8, a shining example of modern energy efficiency, just became fully operational on November 1st. 

It marked a major success for Alabama Power. 

This isn’t just any power plant; 

Barry 8 is a powerhouse, with enough juice to light up over 200,000 homes! 

It’s a combo of gas and steam turbines designed to generate power super efficiently. 

The journey to get here wasn’t easy…

It started back in 2021, navigating through pandemic woes and supply chain hiccups, but hard work and dedication paid off. 

With over 2 million work hours put into its construction, Barry 8 is set to be a boon to the local economy. 

It should contribute around $4 million in annual property taxes. 

Now, with the Plant Barry site’s total capacity at a staggering 3,246 megawatts, it’s clear that Alabama Power is looking ahead. 

Vietnam Vet Receives Overdue Honor 

vietnam vet receives overdue honor

Veterans Day this year was truly special, with heartwarming celebrations nationwide. 

Our standout story is about Vietnam War Veteran Sgt. Charles Wilson

He humbly turned down the Bronze Star Medal 51 years ago because of a clerical error

This year, he finally accepted this high honor from Congressman Jerry Carl. 

Still with a strong sense of duty, he hopes his story will inspire younger generations. 

His journey from being a young draftee, missing the early months of his son’s life, to a proud Bronze Star recipient, highlights the sacrifices of our veterans. 

The day was filled with joy and nostalgia, as active and retired service members, including Wilson, shared their stories and hopes. 

Barbie Spa Day Lifts Spirits of Foster Kids 

Barbie Spa Day Lifts Spirits of Foster Kids

Local foster kids had a magical day filled with pampering to feel like real-life Barbies. 

Health Connect America organized this heartwarming event. 

They gave the girls makeovers, including manicures, makeup, and hair styling. 

But it wasn’t just about external beauty… 

The real aim was to help these girls see their own inner beauty and worth. 

Foster care, while absolutely necessary, can often be tough on the kids. 

That’s why HCA thought a morale boost was in order with a fabulous spa day. 

The kids stepped into a “Princess Experience Bus,” ready to be transformed and to learn that, like Barbie, they too can be anything they dream of. 

Of course, this initiative was inspired in part by the recent Barbie movie and its empowering messages. 

It was the first of its kind for HCA but perfectly aligned with their mission of uplifting children in foster care. 

It just goes to show that a bit of encouragement goes a long way! 

Mobile Steps in to Tackle Apartment Issues 

mobile steps in to tackle apartment issues

Barrington Park Apartments had this crazy situation where mountains of trash just kept piling up. 

Talk about a health risk! 

The city had to step in and clean up the mess. 

The residents also complained about pitch-black hallways and power outages. 

Now, the plot thickens.

The same company that owns Barrington Parks also owns Manchester Park Apartments. 

Surprise, surprise, they’re having the same trash issues. 

Residents are getting very frustrated because trash attracts vermin

And they’re still being charged for trash pickup even though that service is nonexistent! 

So, the city’s getting involved, issuing fines and all, but they’re still building a case to take more action. 

They’re also rewriting some trash and litter laws to handle situations like these better in the future. 

And after a little investigation, it turns out the owners of both complexes have the same address in New York City. 

Someone doesn’t know how to be a decent landlord… 

And speaking of trash, here’s a list of our local recycling centers if you segregate your own and do your part for a greener Mobile! 

Woman Regrets $45K Solar Investment 

woman regrets $45k solar investment

Cheryl Younger from Eight Mile is dealing with a solar panel debacle. 

She shelled out $45,000 for these panels, thinking they’d slash power bills. 

Well, that didn’t happen. 

The cause? 

Her yard is too shady, and the panels are only on one side of her house when they should cover more to catch enough sun. 

Plus, she didn’t know about needing a battery to really make savings. 

Poor Cheryl, at 65 and on a fixed income, is feeling really stuck and misled. 

The company, Design 1 Group, insists they were clear about the costs and that Cheryl’s power use has actually gone up. 

And it turns out Design 1 has a bunch of complaints and an existing lawsuit against them. 

So, what’s the takeaway if you’re thinking about going solar? 

Do your homework! 

Make sure your place is right for it, understand the costs, and maybe get a second opinion. 

Solar power is a great eco-friendly move for homeowners, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal!

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