Let the Bidding Begin: Who Will Save The Shoppes at Bel Air?

Mobile Rundown Staff

We’ve got some tax gossip about the Shoppes at Bel Air. It seems that the owner has fallen behind on their taxes. 

And we’re not talking chump change here — they owe a whopping $697,942. 

mobile mall tax lien

Mobile County Revenue Commission attorney Tyler Pritchett says that it’s the first time the property owner has slipped up and missed a tax payment deadline. 

According to NBC News 15, Pritchett was quoted as saying: “There is the main parcel with taxes that are around $650,000, and then there are four other parcels that total somewhere around $50,000.”

The owner has actually gone to court, challenging the appraised value of the property in hopes of shrinking their tax bill. No dice. 

And while the Bel Air Mall is our favorite shopping destination, the commission has made it clear that they’re handling this situation like with any other delinquent property. No special treatment here. 

In a dramatic twist, an auction for the tax lien kicked off bright and early on Monday morning. It’s like a tax showdown, with potential investors and bidders battling it out for the mall’s tax debts. 

This is where things get really intriguing. If a bidder triumphs in the auction and pays off the debt, they become the proud owner of the lax lien on the mall property. Talk about a unique bragging right. 

The current owner would then be responsible for repaying the generous soul who bailed them out. 

What if they still can’t pull through? Well, they could face the consequences of foreclosure, So lawsuits, and even a potential change in ownership. 

As of now, the auction has seen zero bids on the highest-value parcel. Will anyone swoop in and save our mall, or will it just be completely revamped as the new Surge Entertainment Center? 

Bidding ends next week, and the suspense is real. 

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