Las Floriditas (Our Experience)

Las Floriditas is a Cuban-styled ‘underground restaurant and speakeasy’ in Downtown Mobile.

We chose it for our “L” in our A – Z in 2023 Eating Project.

You’re required to have a password to enter (how cool!)

A bit of history on the restaurant:

Las Floriditas is a widely recognized homage to El Floridita in Havana, Cuba. This famous bar has a history dating back to 1817 when it was first opened as Piña de Plata. In 1914, it was renamed to El Floridita. The bar gained worldwide fame as a beloved spot for the renowned writer Ernest Hemingway. He would often relax there at the end of the bar after a day of writing. Nowadays, a life-size golden statue of Hemingway stands at the very spot he used to frequent. Floridita is renowned as the “birthplace” of the daiquiri, which was Hemingway’s favorite drink. Each day, a daiquiri is placed in front of his life-size statue at the end of the bar as a tribute.

Alright, let’s tell you about our experience!

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First things first – there’s a dress code.

Don’t show up in your pajamas or flip-flops.

Dress to impress.

And if you’re the owner of a Panama hat, even better.

You’ve got to know where the place is, so…

Find the staircase and head on down.

Then you’ll come upon this smiling face!

Las Floriditas Password Needed Downtown Mobile Alabama 15

You best know the password (it changes daily…)

If you’re successful, you’ll be let in the hidden door.

Sweet, you’re in!

We’ve hidden the identities of our fellow patrons due to the nature of this establishment.

Just kidding about the blurring of faces, we just thought it’d be fun.

Las Floriditas Password Needed Downtown Mobile Alabama 4

You get the whitest teeth ever in this atmosphere, though!

Las Floriditas Password Needed Downtown Mobile Alabama 9

Yep, that used to be a bank door vault – how cool is that?!?

Las Floriditas Password Needed Downtown Mobile Alabama 14

More proof of the former bank…

The food and drinks were thoughtful and well thought out.

The chips even came served on a Havana printed newspaper.

Just look at the details of the decorations.

Even if you’re not a fan of Cuban food, what you will be a fan of is the atmosphere of this restaurant and speakeasy.

Get more info on Las Floriditas here.

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