Joyride Revival: Electric Scooters and Bikers Returning to Mobile!

Mobile Rundown Staff

Great news for those looking for alternative modes of transportation!

The city has just inked a three-year partnership with Lime. 

This means you’ll soon have access to electric scooters and bikes once again.

If you ask the locals, you’ll be met with a resounding chorus of praise for these micromobility options. 

It’s true; they are a fantastic means of getting around and exploring the city.

They’re convenient and pretty speedy. 

Joyride Revival

The city’s decision to enter into this agreement was driven by the widespread demand and enthusiasm from the community. 

Under the deal, Lime will pay an annual fee of $5,000 to the city, along with $0.15 for every trip taken

This not only ensures the availability of these devices but also encourages their usage among us residents

And learning from past experiences, the city and Lime have implemented new measures to address safety concerns and promote responsible riding. 

Through geofencing, they have created virtual boundaries that restrict scooters from entering certain areas like downtown sidewalks

Lime will even set up dedicated stations where you can easily pick up and drop off scooters and bikes. 

Well, it sounds like your daily commute just got a whole lot greener.

So, gear up, hop on, and let the good times roll as you travel around the city with speed and style!

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