Don’t Worry, Officer, this Jet Ski is Street Legal!

Mobile Rundown Staff

In a shocking turn of events, the Daphne Police Department responded to a 911 call about a man driving a jet ski on the highway. 

Yes, you read that right, a JET SKI. On the HIGHWAY.

Apparently, this dude thought he could just cruise down US-98 like he was living his best life on the beach. 

Don’t Worry; this Jet Ski is Street Legal!

[image was originally seen on Dahphe’s Police Department’s Facebook Page]

When questioned by the police, the man explained that he was from out of state and that the jet ski was street-legal there. Who knew you could even do that?

The police were stunned, to say the least. I’m sure they’ve seen a lot of crazy things in their line of work, but a jet ski on the highway? That’s new. 

Was this a dare gone too far, or did this man simply want to know how far he could go on this bad boy? 

The police and some locals were left scratching their heads and snapping photos, but the guy ultimately sped off with a warning. 

That’s our tax dollars hard at work, folks: “Godspeed and wear a helmet for peeps’ sake!” 

Kidding aside, the police handled it with grace and humor. Like most of us, they probably appreciated this guy’s spirit of adventure. 

Who knows what other crazy stunts he’s got up his sleeve? Perhaps a motorcycle on the water? 

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