Is Your Cinema Snack a Rat Trap in Disguise?

Teammate Tish

The year is almost over, but 2023 keeps giving like an overzealous aunt who won’t quit!

So, a teen got more than the price of admission during movie night at the AMC Theatre. 

And no, this isn’t your usual jump-scare or sticky floors. 

snack surprise

Nope, Ayden, the popcorn-loving patron, reached into his bucket for a handful of (fake) buttery goodness and — surprise! —

He petted something that definitely wasn’t popcorn. 

In the hierarchy of things you don’t want in your food, “furry” ranks up there with poop. 

Turns out, Ayden’s fright was a rat that decided to dive into his snack. 

Now, if you’re thinking Ayden was watching the new Exorcist flick and got a better horror show in his lap, you’re probably right. 

And just when you thought the story couldn’t get grosser, Ayden got bit

I smell a lawsuit. 

He found the whole thing a little amusing, and his family’s playing it cool now, but what would you do? 

If it were me, I’d be on the express lane to Litigation City. 

So, let’s raise our half-eaten buckets of popcorn to Ayden, the boy who got an icky live surprise. 

And here’s to hoping our next cinema trip is rat-free and just full of overpriced candy. 

See, this is why I stick to Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids…

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