Iron Hand Brewing (Our Experience!)

As a part of our A to Z in 2023 Food Experience, we decided to check out Iron Hand Brewing, tagged as Mobile’s oldest brewery (not sure if they opened first or if their building is the oldest).

Iron Hand is a nice addition to Mobile’s brewery scene.

But for starters, it’s in the middle of Detonti Square, a historic Mobile neighborhood in downtown.

This is cool in and of itself.

The brewing tanks are just outside.

Iron Hand Brewing - Downtown Mobile Alabama (8)

Iron Hand Brewing Interior

Walking inside feels like you’re entering a different world.
The lighting is dim.
Either your eyes need to adjust, or I’m getting old — or a combo.

Iron Hand Brewing Downtown Mobile Alabama 2 1

You would think you might need a password to get inside.
But you don’t.
Just walk on in.

It’s pub style.
So we noticed that folks were regulars.
At the bar, we got equal amounts of conversation and service.
That was cool.

There was a wall of games next to the couches.
You can grab one and play at your table.

Iron Hand Brewing Downtown Mobile Alabama 1 1

These guys brew their beer (I enjoyed the one I sampled).

You can order beer flights, which I will do next time.

We were there during brunch time and went that route with our food choices.

It was a fun experience and I’m glad we chose it as our “I” letter restaurant.

Iron Hand Brewing History

Iron Hand Brewing itself was named after Mobile founder, Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville.

He lost his hand in an explosion and was forced to wear a metal prosthetic. He’ll even help guide you to the restrooms as you need them.

Iron Hand Brewing Downtown Mobile Alabama 6

Until next time, Mr. d’Iberville.

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