Top 12 Indoor Activities in Orange Beach, AL

Stuck indoors in Orange Beach? No problem!

I know the allure of its sunny shores is unmatched, but sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate! 

But here’s the good news: 

There’s a treasure trove of indoor activities waiting to be discovered. 

And as a seasoned OBA enthusiast, I’ll guide you through the best spots that make even the gloomiest days shine. 

Now, let’s turn those indoor hours into some of the best parts of your getaway. 

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in OBA 

1. Wait it out at The Wharf.

wait it out at the wharf

First up on our indoor adventure is The Wharf

Folks usually think of it as an outdoor entertainment space, with the iconic Ferris wheel, the in-water boat shows, and the SPECTRA Laser Light Experience. 

But it actually has many indoor attractions as well! 

They are: 

Arena the Next Level Arcade

This is a 10,000 sq ft space buzzing with energy! 

This arcade is brimming with activities, including laser tag, bazooka ball, “Mission Possible,” and many other interactive games.

Cool Shots Selfie Museum 

Here, every corner is a photo-op. 

With over 50 Instagram-worthy setups, this experience is all about the cool visuals. 

The Axe Hole 

Want to channel your inner lumberjack? 

Axe throwing is the latest craze sweeping North America!

It’s a blast for celebrations, team events, or just a fun rainy-day activity with your crew. 

Breakout Games 

Join your friends and family in a race against the clock. 

Work as a team to solve puzzles, decipher codes, and uncover secrets. 

You have one hour to navigate a maze of surprises and escape the room

Outer Limits VR Game Room

Outer Limits takes you on a journey with five amazing, fully immersive rides, perfect for solo thrillseekers or groups. 

This is a virtual reality experience you won’t forget. 

AMC Classic Wharf 15

With 3D and jumbo screens, you get an immersive experience with blockbusters, concerts, and sports events. 

Enjoy the comfort of spacious, clean theaters, friendly staff, and the convenience of mobile food ordering. 

And remember, you can always snag a deal with Discount Tuesdays or by booking on Fandango. 

Where: 23101 Canal Road, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 224-1000

2. Get your self-care essentials at High Cotton Bath Co.

get your self-care essentials at high cotton bath co

Rainy days at Orange Beach call for some self-care indulgence at High Cotton Bath Co

Imagine surrounding yourself with the luxury of premium bath and body products tailored just for you with your own signature scent

Wrap yourself in the elegance of fine linens, Turkish towels, and the warm glow of scented candles in beautiful handmade pots. 

Feel the difference with super-soft bamboo and premium cotton blends in their robes, nightgowns, and tunics. 

And for that personal touch, try their professional embroidery services

Whether it’s a special gift or a treat for yourself, their array of graphics, fonts, and colors can cater to any need! 

Where: 4830 Main St G110, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 923-2474

3. Get creative at the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach.  

get creative at the coastal arts center of orange beach

In OBA, there’s no better place to get creative than the Coastal Arts Center

Overlooking the misty Wolf Bay, this artistic haven lets you explore a vast gallery of Gulf Coast masterpieces. 

Feeling inspired? 

Try your hand at glass blowing in the Hot Shop or play with clay in the Clay Studio

There are adult art classes and fun Make-Your-Own sessions held all year long, but you’ll have to book ahead for these. 

And don’t forget to join the gallery scavenger hunt or browse the gift shop for local artisanal finds. 

Where: 26389 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-2787

4. Learn something at the Orange Beach History Museum.

learn something at the orange beach history museum

When the rain’s pouring, it’s the perfect time to step back in time at the Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum

Housed in a quaint, century-old schoolhouse, it’s filled with fascinating artifacts

These objects tell the story of the area’s Native American roots and fishing history

You’ll see items used by the first local fishermen, donated by their families, that really bring the community’s past to life. 

It’s the ideal spot to soak up some local knowledge, making your sunny beach days even more meaningful! 

Where: 25805 John Snook Dr, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-8545

5. Play for prizes at Fat Daddy’s Arcade.

play for prizes at fat daddy's arcade

Rain got the kids down? No worries, Fat Daddy’s Arcade has you covered. 

It’s the largest arcade on the island, packed with over 80 games to keep the fun rolling, rain or shine. 

Hit the notalgia button with your classic arcade favorites to try your luck at the E-claw prize games. 

You can also go head-to-head with friends with basketball hoops. 

Who knows, you might just set a new high score and snag that prize you’ve been eyeing.

It’s the perfect place to chill out, have a blast, and forget the lousy weather outside! 

Where: 24565 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 980-1050

6. Discover the indoor thrills of Adventure Island.

discover the indoor thrills of adventure island

Adventure Island isn’t just about outdoor thrills; it’s got some awesome indoor options too! 

Ideal for those not-so-sunny days, check out the new Glow Golf

It’s a 9-hole indoor black light mini-golf course that’s a hit for all ages. 

Then, spend hours at the Alligator Alley Arcade with over 100 video and redemption games

There’s something for everyone, starting at just .25 points. 

And for a real adrenaline rush, team up with a friend for the Max Flight Roller Coaster Simulator!

Where: 24559 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 974-1500

7. Have some quiet time at the Orange Beach Public Library. 

have some quiet time at the orange beach public library

When the rain hits OBA, the Public Library offers a peaceful refuge. 

It’s worth a visit to catch up on reading, send a few emails, or simply enjoy a quiet moment with their decent catalog. 

With excellent WiFi, comfy desks, and a serene view of the water, you’ve got everything you need! 

There’s ample parking and easy access, plus it’s air-conditioned inside. 

The staff is very friendly, and they’re especially great with kids, encouraging a love for reading in a relaxed environment. 

Where: 26267 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-2923

8. Get pampered at Serenity at The Beach Salon & Spa.  

get pampered at serenity at the beach salon & spa

Rainy days just got better with a visit to Serenity

It’s the ideal spot to treat yourself and uplift your mood. 

Unwind with a variety of body treatments or revamp your style with salon services

Think haircuts, makeup, and nail care, all tailored to make you feel fabulous. 

Couples massage? 


Bring along your special someone or someone in your traveling party you’d like to hang out with. 

Facials and waxing services are all on offer, promising a touch of rejuvenation. 

Gotta look cute on your vacation, right? 

This is your reward for going on this trip in the first place! 

Indulge in a little self-care because you certainly deserve it. 

Where: 27267 Perdido Beach Blvd B203, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-3031

9. Shop the rainy blues away!

shop the rainy blues away

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, especially on a rainy day like today!

Stop by these local OBA institutions and pick up some unique local finds: 

Pepper Palace 

If you’re a fan of Hot Ones and want to recreate that chaos at home, stop by The Pepper Palace. 

It’s where fiery flavors and fun combine. 

They craft small-batch, handcrafted, natural products that are sure to set your taste buds ablaze.

Every item, from the sauce to the label, screams quality. 

Where: 4725 Main St Suite F-124, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 234-3248

Gulf Coast House of Jerky 

This one’s for the meat lovers. 

Here, you’ll find an adventurous range of jerky like Mako Shark, Kangaroo, and even Python!

Made from whole slices of top round and free of preservatives, their jerky is a flavorful journey with exceptional quality and variety. 

Where: 4751 Main St F-118, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 271-0318

Souvenir City 

A local family-owned business since 1994, Souvenir City is your go-to for that perfect OBA memento. 

From t-shirts and seashells to brand-name apparel and sunglasses, they’ve got a little bit of everything. 

Look for the bright pink roof and enjoy the relaxed shopping vibe! 

Where: 24644 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 974-1658

J Streets on the Canal 

Antique hunters, this is your haven! 

J Streets on the Canal offers a fantastic selection of unique furniture and collectibles all year round. 

It’s the place to find those one-of-a-kind treasures, with a constantly evolving inventory and a service-oriented team ready to assist you. 

Where: 22662 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (256) 504-7135

Blalock Seafood & Specialty Market

For seafood aficionados, Blalock Seafood & Specialty Market is a must-visit! 

They offer the freshest local catch and gourmet items to liven up any kitchen. 

Plus, they can pack your purchases for travel, ensuring your haul makes it home fresh and ready to enjoy. 

Where: 224822 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 974-5811

Tallulah’s Treasures 

Discover unique finds at Tallulah’s, where local art, jewelry, clothing, and more await you. 

Whether you’re looking for a special piece of art, a new outfit, or just browsing, this store is a treasure trove of local charm. 

Where: 25122 Perdido Beach Blvd #6209, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-6003

10. Dine and shop at SanRoc Cay. 

dine and shop at sanroc cay

SanRoc Cay is a foodie’s paradise, boasting some of the best restaurants in Orange Beach

Indulge in Creole seafood dishes at Louisiana Lagniappe or savor fresh steamed shrimp and crab at Gulf Shores Steamer

Those who want classic bar food can go to Pizza at the Pass with their yummy pizza and wings. 

And don’t forget to relax at The San Bar, where live music sets the mood every evening from 6:00. 

Shopping here is an adventure, too — from trendy beachwear to unique gifts, SanRoc Cay has it all! 

11. Catch a show at the Performance Art Center. 

catch a show at the performance art center

The Performance Art Center might just have the perfect indoor fix for a gloomy day. 

Plan ahead or try your luck on the spot — you might just snag tickets to a fantastic show! 

It’s a great place to catch live performances, from theater to music and everything in between. 

Here, you can immerse yourself in the arts, enjoy top-notch entertainment, and forget the drizzle outside. 

And a rainy day could be your chance to experience something spontaneous and exciting! 

Where: 23908 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 93-0043

12. Lean into the cozy vibes of your rental. 

lean into the cozy vibes of your rental

Rainy days can be a blessing in disguise, especially if you booked sweet digs from VRBO or Airbnb

So, why not make the most of it?

Jump into that hot tub and let the warmth soak away any weather woes!

Unleash your inner chef in that fully stocked kitchen! 

And it might be time to binge-watch that series everyone’s been talking about! 

Trying to lessen screen time? 

Why not gather the fam for some good old-fashioned board games? 

These moments create memories just as precious as sunny beach days. 

So, embrace the indoor charms of your rental and turn this day into a special part of your vacation. 


Can you enjoy the beach in the rain? 

If you’re determined to go to the beach in the rain, it’s definitely possible!

While swimming might be off-limits due to safety, you can still enjoy the overcast atmosphere, take a wet walk along the shore, or chill under an umbrella. 

You’re better off doing something else, but you’ll definitely have the beach all to yourself! 

Is Orange Beach, Alabama, worth visiting? 

OBA is definitely a gem worth visiting! 

It’s a vibrant community where the charm of beach life seamlessly melds with excitement.

Here, you’ll discover unique attractions, exceptional dining experiences, diverse lodging options, and beachy adventures. 

What are the best months to visit Orange Beach? 

The ideal time to visit Orange Beach really depends on what you’re looking for. 

If you prefer a more peaceful, less crowded experience, fall is your go-to season. 

The beaches are quieter, almost giving you a sense of having your own private stretch of sand. 

While summer brings the hustle and bustle of peak season, with warm, sunny days perfect for beach activities, it’s also the busiest (and priciest). 

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Final Thoughts 

See? A little rain doesn’t have to dampen your vacation! 

With so many indoor activities, there’s no shortage of fun, excitement, and relaxation to be had…

Even when the weather isn’t on your side. 

So, don’t let the rain ruin your itinerary or lean into it and get the most out of your temporary home base. 

Embrace the opportunity to explore a different side of this vibrant beach town. 

OBA has so much to offer, rain or shine! 

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